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Climb the mountain with a golf ball, deal with unexpected obstacles, and touch the sky with Golfing Over It Apk.

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Name Golfing Over It
Package Name com.Majorariatto.GolfingOverIt
Category Casual  
Version 1.2.3
Size 106.8 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated September 21, 2023

Do you love suspenseful games and challenging missions? If yes, then Golfing Over It Apk will undoubtedly win your heart. The concept of this game is too simple to understand, but it’s hard to pass the missions without falling. Here you have to take control of a golf ball and throw the ball as high as you can.

Golfing Over It Apk

Reach the clouds and explore the other dimensions without falling to the starting point. You must start the game from zero if you drop from the sky. Use your fingers to stretch the ball length and throw higher, save the ball from obstacles and try to hit the maximum range on each throw.

What is Golfing Over It Apk?

Golfing Over It Apk is an easy game to let you pass your free time with entertainment. Here in the game, you must control a golf ball and throw it as high as possible. You can take the ball to clouds and space, also. There will be many obstacles to hitting your ball, and if you lose your grip, you’ll fall to the ground. It’s a suspenseful game and needs to focus on every step.

The control buttons are also easy to stand, as there is no such complex task to do in this game. Use your fingers to aim the point and throw the fall full of power. There will be many missions inside this game to experience new backgrounds, physics law, and much more. This game is available for android smartphones only, but you can also find some alternate versions for iOS devices.

Highlights of Golfing Over It Apk

  • Climb Surreal Mountain

In the beginning, you must climb a surreal mountain; there will be many cracks and peak points where you have to deal with maximum risk. Take risks and rise to the top to score the highest points.

Golfing Over It Apk 1

  • Suspenseful Falls

The ball can fall at any point, and if you lose the grip, you’ll fail to zero. That means you have to start the game from the beginning, and all the efforts will go in vain.

  • Deal With Obstacles

There will be many obstacles in your journey to distract you; keep moving ahead and try to save your fall from falling. Don’t just throw the ball without looking for a solid surface to stay on until you make the next move.

Golfing Over It Apk 2

  • Multiple Background Views

In the game, there are dozen of background views available for you to use while playing the game. It contains an anti-gravity theme, a desert view, heavy winds, and many more.

  • Intense Missions

You can also play complicated challenges to earn extra rewards if you love challenges. These missions are too hard to pass and need hard focus to complete.

Final Words

You can play Golfing Over It Apk online or offline; you’ll get the same experience and options. You can share your high score with the leaderboard to get featured on the top player’s list. If you guys have any doubts about the game, we are here to hear your doubts and assist you.

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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