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Graveyard Keeper Apk is a great ancient graveyard game.

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Name Graveyard Keeper
Package Name com.tinybuild.graveyardkeeper
Category Arcade  
Version 1.129.1
Size 165.0 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated September 20, 2023

Today we will provide you with the apk file of the graveyard keeper apk. It is a great simulation game where you will live a different life than a medieval human. The game is a refreshing experience to play.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard keeper apk was first made for the play station, which was released for android in August 2019. It is a simulation story where you are a human in 2019 driving a car, and suddenly you meet an accident and die. Now your soul is teleported to a medieval time where you run a graveyard. Now from here, you have to grow your life as a graveyard owner struggling to expand his business and live a happy life. Along with this, the company has many ups and downs, like monsters and dilemmas along the way to success.

Features of Graveyard Keeper Apk

Graveyard Keeper

Over The Top Storyline

The storyline of the graveyard keeper apk game is excellent at the beginning, where there is a scene of you driving a car, and from there, to a graveyard owner in ancient times. Also, there are many plot twists. Most of the storyline is the same as you see on the PlayStation, thus making it broader and more exciting.

2D Graphics

In a world where everyone is aiming for excellent and high-quality 3d graphics, the graveyard keeper apk keeps it simple with 2d old-style graphics. The game’s graphics fit entirely with the storyline, as the story is shot in ancient times.


Today most games are online, making them more profitable by adding more and more ads and in-app purchases. But the graveyard keeper apk is complete, and you can play it without the internet. But most of us wonder why we should care about the internet but think when you are going out for some vacation or in trains or cabs isn’t this helpful feature.

Creepy Monsters

Graveyard Keeper

In the game, you will encounter multiple creepy monsters who want you to dial in your missions. And I can tell you for sure you will fail many times, but in the long run, if you play the game repeatedly, you will surely win.

Single Player

Graveyard keeper apk is a single-player game, so you don’t need to wait for your friends to join so that you can play your game. Thus you can play this game anytime without any problem. As a night owl, I play the game alone at midnight when most of my friends are sleeping.

Graveyard Keeper

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The most exciting part of the game is the business; with all these challenges, we are still trying to compete with everyone for our company and grow it. The business aspect of the graveyard keeper apk not only makes the user excited but also gives you an understanding of how to deal with situations and other problems along with negotiation etc.

Low System Requirements

Every month hundreds of new games are published on Google Play Store. As times change, every company tries to push as hard as possible to create the game as graphics intensive, but it is not the case with the graveyard keeper apk. The game requires low system requirements, and you can play the game with one GB of ram and 600 MB of space on your phone.

Graveyard Keeper

Paid For Free

The graveyard keeper apk is a paid game available for free on the latestmodapks website. Most of the other websites you find graveyard keeper apk might contain viruses, so please be aware.


For a change, the graveyard keeper apk is a great simulation. We have given you enough points to download the game. Thank you for reading and many excellent games and the latestmodapks.

Reviewed by: Jerusalem

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