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GTA San Andreas is a 3D action-adventure game by Rockstar games.

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Name GTA San Andreas
Package Name com.rockstargames.gtasa
Category Action  
Version 2.11.207
Size 2.7 GB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated April 29, 2024

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the most played games internationally, developed in 2004 by Rockstar productions. This was generally made for Playstation 2 and Xbox initially, but now you can play on your Android device. GTA San Andreas Apk is an action and roleplaying game where you can move and do everything that you do in real life.

GTA San Andreas APk

The story of GTA San Andreas revolves around a guy called CJ (Carl Johnson) who recently came from jail. Most of his family members died in a gang war. Now CJ and his brother Sweet want to take revenge for all the deaths in his family. Other major characters in this game, OG Loc, Big Smoke and Ryder, are CJ’s childhood friends.

There are other aspects of games, such as car races, Shooting, gang wars and many mini-games and missions. You can find hundreds of vehicles, including bicycles, Motorbikes, cars, buses, trains, Helicopters, Jets and much more. You can just roam around in the app and do whatever you like in the game. This mission mode is a storyline where CJ takes revenge for the death of his mother.

GTA San Andreas Apk

There are 200+ vehicles in this game and 100+ weapons. You can also summon weapons in this game with cheat codes. You can also have relationships in this game, just like in real life. Basic habits like Eating food, barber shops, clothing shops, etc., are also available. The inspiration for this game is basically taken from 90s American gangs and the rivalry between Bloods and Crips.

Key Features of GTA San Andreas Apk:

GTA San Andreas Apk is one of the most famous games that came out in the year 2004, and it has been played all around the world. The game size is small, yet it carries an enormous amount of detailed data and minigames, which make it different from other open-world games. Read more details about the features of GTA San Andreas below:

GTA San Andreas

  • Missions:

The Missions is based on the story of Carl Johnson and Los Santos city. CJ find the main culprit of his mother’s and brother’s death through the mission. There are lots of mission where CJ goes to other city and win over them to become a kingpin.

  • Gameplay:

The game starts with San Andreas, where you will find a bicycle which is obviously part of the mission. You can find the map in the top right corner. The action buttons will be in the bottom right corner, and movements like running and walking can be done with the toggle button in the bottom left corner.

  • Graphics:

The graphics of GTA San Andreas are generally in 3d. The depth of graphics can be seen in-game, where you can find every minute detail, such as blood coming out when shooting and tyre marks on the road while racing. 

  • Weapons

You can find all types of guns and armoured vehicles in this game. There are tanks and fighter jets in this game, which you can generally find in army base areas. Weapons like knives, Sticks, Machine guns, SMGS, Grenades and much more are available.

  • Vehicles

The name of the game, Grand theft auto, comes from the stealing of vehicles. You can find 212 vehicles of all types in this game.  You can also upgrade your car with nitrous to run fast.

  • Mini Games

There are many Mini games available in GTA, like Bouncing Low riders, basketball and Pools. You can also play boxing and train to become better. There is a gym in GTA San Andreas, which makes your look better.


GTA San Andreas App is based on the American city of San Andreas, Los Santos, San Fierro and LAs Venturas, where you can move around, steal cars, Finish missions, Ride on different types of vehicles, brawl with people, and much more. You can feel the 20s gang culture of the USA and join the gangs to win missions. Download GTA San Andreas Apk and play the best open world Action game on your Mobile device for free.

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Es muy bueno

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Best experience

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La première fois je l’ai installé ça n’a pas marché et la cinquième fois ça marché

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