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Take up the guitar! And be a guitar hero in this music rhythmic style game.

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There’s no doubt that most music lovers love rock & roll music and various bands because of the instruments that are played during the music, such as drums, guitars (bass and electronics), and minor percussions that make the music sound great. Want to be a guitar star and make your musical journey even more exciting? Then try the rhythmic-based guitar game Guitar Hero where you have to complete the challenges on the different highways (or notes) of strings and chords.


Unlike the console version of Guitar Hero, you can play Guitar Hero using Android’s multi-touch capability without a controller. A four-lane highway (notes) has been provided in this game, in which different notes will be displayed. As soon as they approach the note catcher, you have to press them.

The player can use a simple guitar or a bass guitar in the game. Hold lines (also called long notes or sustain notes) can also be seen in the game, where you have to hold the finger until the end of the line; if the finger has already been lifted, the line will break, and the sound will end.

About Guitar Hero Game

Vicarious Visions’ Guitar Hero game is a musical rhythm-based game published by Activision for Android platforms where you can follow the rhythm of the musical notes of different songs to help you learn the guitar. The game lets you explore the notes played by other Rockstars, earn points, and unlock different styles of songs by playing the notes from the different strings on the four-lane highway.

Guitar Hero Apk

The Guitar Hero game Is primarily designed for the single-player mode, introducing different chords and string notes.

Regular Notes: The regular notes must be pressed as soon as they touch the note catcher, no matter which lane you are on.

Long or Sustain Notes: During long and sustain notes, you must keep your finger down until the end of the line; if you lift it, the note will break.

With Guitar Hero, you’ll have the ability to unleash your star power by whamming the lines. The player can play two chords simultaneously if two notes fall into the note catcher.

Guitar Hero Apk

Features of Guitar Hero Game

Guitar Hero has all the features you need to know about the technicalities of music.

Chord Progression Adjustment: If you’d like to customize the sound based on your preferences. You can design your own chord progression. With this feature, both left- and right-handed players can express their creativity.

Guitar Hero Apk

Different Styles of Music: Play the tune of your choice in this game, which covers all styles of music, including Trap, Rock, EDM, Pop, and more.

Recording Export Option: Guitar Hero comes with a recorder that lets you save the samples you play. With this option, all your sessions will be saved in the library.

MIDI Audio Support: As a bonus, the game also supports MIDI. Which means you can connect your guitar to other instruments easily.

Different Ways to play: The Guitar Hero game has three different modes, Chords, Beats, and Tabs so that you have complete control over the game.

Multi-platform Availablity: The Guitar Hero game is compatible with tablets and smartphones. A game’s sound quality depends on its device’s capabilities, but the rest of its performance remains almost the same.

Addition features of the game

  • Enjoy the cool graphics and Effects
  • Include Various difficulty levels
  • A set of different styles of music
  • User-friendly Control panel
  • Studio Level Audio Quality
  • Multi-platform Support
  • Free to play

Final Conclusion

Guitar Hero is a music-rhythm style game published by Activision in which you can test your guitar skills and refine your performance by following the music rhythm of various famous rockstar bands.

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