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This app provides Indian army personnel all the information they need to stay up-to-date and connected.

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Humraaz Army

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November 16, 2022


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Hamraaz Apk is an app created for the Indian Military to track personal details, know important announcements, and get the latest alerts on their phones. This app isn’t designed for civilians; if you’re not from the Indian Military, it’s not made for you. With this Hamraaz Apk, you can check your account balance, job posting details, upcoming holidays, and schedule timetable.

Hamraaz Army

About Hamraaz Apk

With Hamraaz Apk, the Indian military officers and staff members check various updates through their phones. The government creates it only for the Indian Military, it’s not available for regular civilians, and even if you install this app, you can’t use it for any benefit.

If you’re from the Indian Military, you can use this app for various purposes, such as checking your salary, posting location, upcoming events and training sessions, and much more. The government classified all these updates and circulated them after officials’ approval.

Why use Hamraaz Apk?

When you’re in the Military, you can’t travel back to town to check everything. Even in some cases, you don’t have active internet connections at your duty spots. It is the situation where Hamraaz Apk stands for you. With this application, you can watch all your important updates and alerts and check your salary balance to send to your family or deposit in your main account.

It’s a proper utility application for every crew soldier and staff member to stay updated with the latest announcements. Apart from this, all alerts are circulated by the government, so you don’t have to verify or recheck the stats every time.

Features of Hamraaz Apk

We have mentioned many features above; still, many are left in the application. Here’s the list of several more benefits you should know.

  • Military Updates

You’ll get verified updates from the officials and government related to your duty and announcements.

  • Salary Alerts

You’ll get notified every time you get your salary, check your available balance and deposit it into your main account.

  • Check Your ID

If you have an ID Card and want to check it online or store it for other purposes, you can use this app as the virtual ID Card holder.

  • Job Posting Details

Know about your job postings and upcoming vacancies at nearby locations or transfer applications.

  • Upcoming Events

Get notified about all the upcoming events, special guest appearances, and regular duty inspection alerts on your device.

How to Download Hamraaz Apk?

This application isn’t available on the play store, as it’s made by the government and circulated through the official website only. Whereas we have the package here on our website, you still need an official ID card to register on Hamraaz Apk.

This app isn’t helpful if you don’t have an ID card from the Indian Military or Staff member. This app isn’t designed for civilians, and there will be no options for the public to interfere in the application.


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