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Harem Hotel Apk is an RPG game where you manage the inherited hotel.

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Harem Hotel

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6.1 GB

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5.0 and up

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December 8, 2022


3.8 / 5. Vote count: 6

If you are searching for an erotic adventure game with an amazing storyline and 3D graphics, then you are in the correct place. Harem Hotel Apk is a simulation game where you must grow your hotel business and build friendships with female staff. There are eight main female staff whom you have to train. This game has erotic and adult graphics and is made for 18+ gamers.

Harem Hotel Apk

The storyline of this game is interesting. In this game, your grandfather, who once used to run this hotel, dies, and you receive a letter where he asks you to handle his hotel business. You reach the hotel and meet with beautiful staff. Your main aim is to grow your hotel business and upgrade it from where your grandfather left off. You can earn revenue as customers visit your hotel, which you can use to upgrade the hotel and pay staff.

Harem Hotel Apk

The graphics of this game are in 3D and have high quality, making the animation look realistic. You can choose from the options given on the screen to communicate with the staff in the hotel and grow friendships. You can save your gameplay and resume where you left off every time. This is a novel-based game where you can create a new version of the story ending with your real-time choices. 

Key Features of Harem Hotel Apk:

Harem Hotel Apk, developed by Runey, is a novel-based simulation game with beautiful characters and a storyline. You can expand your hotel and improve the friendship with ladies in your hotel. To learn about the features of Harem Hotel Apk, read below:

Harem Hotel Apk

  • 3D Graphics: Harem Hotel Apk has 3D graphics. The character’s emotion and background definition make this game likeable. You can see the different types of emotions and movements in faces in different situations and scenarios.
  • Novel Storyline: This game has a beautiful and long storyline which starts from the sad demise of the grandfather whose letter you get. He better expresses his thoughts and wants you to become the hotel’s new manager. As the story progresses, you befriend all the hotel staff and team with them on how to tackle tough situations in the hotel.
  • Use strategy to grow business: To run your hotel business, you can use different strategies such as offers, new decorations and free service to influential people.
  • Erotic Scenes: This game has multiple erotic scenes and adult content where your character makes out with the female staff of your hotel. This is why make sure you are 18+ age before playing this game.
  • Save your Game: You can save your gameplay on empty slots and load it later to resume where you had left.
  • No Ads: You can play this game offline as it doesn’t require internet. When you play this game online, it doesnt show any ads.

How to download Harem Hotel Apk?

To download this game, your device requires at least 2GB Ram and 1GB of free space to play without lag. This app is more than 1 GB, so it takes time to load on your android device. Follow these steps to install this game easily:

  1. Step 1: Download the Harem Hotel Apk Zip file and open it in your file manager.
  2. Step 2: Install the Jio Play Plugin in apk format.
  3. Step 3: Unzip the Harem Hotel Apk Zip file in a separate folder.
  4. Step 4: Access the Harem Hotel Apk .exe file from Jioplay Apk and play this game without lag.


Harem Hotel Apk is an adult simulation game with 3D graphics. You will aim to manage the hotel left by your grandfather and earn revenue from it. There will be 20 beautiful female characters working in Harem Hotel. You can also mingle with them with your sweet talks. Download Harem Hotel Apk and run a family-owned hotel with an amazing storyline.

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