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Prepare yourself for Haunt the House! A side-scrolling action puzzle game is featuring ghosts.

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Haunt the House

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December 7, 2022


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Do you want to experience a game that will send shivers down your spine and take your breath away? Horror games have recently gained popularity and a growing number of fans, whether it’s Resident Evil, FNAF, or Dead Space franchise games, all of which have sparked panic among players with their gameplay—introducing Haunt the House, another such body-trembling game in which you have to create terror in hostels, museums, theaters and towns to scare the people living there.

Game Story

The game’s main character is a tormented soul troubled by the noisy people make in museums, theaters, hospitals, and cruise ships. To find peace and quiet, you have to Haunt the House. But now that a lot of people are gathering at your house for parties, it is your duty to scare them badly. Can you scare them away and reclaim what you’ve lost? It is imperative that you complete all these tasks before the end of the night.

About The Game

Developed by SBF Games, Haunt the House: Terrortown is a horror simulation game in which a scary spirit chases everyone to create panic in order to make them run away. Even if you leave them behind, your brash attitude should not stop; this is a war for peace, don’t give up.

Haunt the House Apk

During Haunt the House, your main objective is to regain possession of your lost items. The more houses you monopolize, the more challenges you’ll face. In Terrortown, you can find hidden objects that can help you gather spirits as well as increase your score.

Haunt the House Game Features

Incredible Graphics & Animations: Detailed animations and realistic 3D graphics have been incorporated to maintain the integrity of the game, and minute details on characters and animations make the game seem more real. A game’s interface plays a major role in keeping you engaged, so you become fully immersed in the action.

Haunt the House Apk

Various Locations: As for the terrifying puzzles in Haunt the House, the attribute goes to the game’s location. Where you are taken to terrifying locations such as Carmibore and the icy cold North Pole.

Haunt the House Apk

Realistic sound effects: A very realistic touch has been added to the sound of the game to increase the excitement of the game. Such as screams, knocking doors, whispering, opening and closing windows, and many other frightening things, which make you feel completely engulfed.

Retrieve back your treasure: You begin the game with a small amount of treasure since all the treasure has been taken by the criminals. Your job now is to use your power to scare people and retrieve all of your treasure.

Side-scrolling setting: To make your strategy well-planned and see things better around you. You can set different view camera angles in the Haunt the House game. As a result of this setting, you will be able to move forward without making distractions.

Android Tv Support: Haunt the House game now fully supports Android TV. Which means you don’t need a gamepad controller for playing. As you can use your remote control instead.

Additional Features of the game

  • Multiplayer Option added
  • Eye-catching dolls available at the store
  • More locations and hidden treasures added
  • Android Tv Support has been added!
  • Full-screen mode on wide screens
  • New Full art icon

Q)- Is this game safe to download?

A)- This game is available on the Play Store as a paid version. But on our site, you are able to download it for free, with all the features included, and we guarantee it’s safe.

Final Conclusion

Haunt the House: Terrortown is a side-scrolling puzzle action game where you take on the role of a ghost out to haunt people and want to regain ownership of what you’ve lost and live in peace.

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