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Enjoy 1v1 football games with unique characters and simple control buttons with Head Ball 2 MOD Apk.

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More About Head Ball 2

Name Head Ball 2
Package Name com.masomo.headball2
Category Sports  
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Version 1.591
Size 157.6 MB
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Last Updated July 19, 2024

Do you love playing football and want to enjoy the unique experience of playing football matches with your friends? Here’s the Head Ball 2 MOD Apk with a very interesting storyline and creative graphics. You can play 1v1 challenges to see who has more professional skills. You can improve your playing skills by participating in the practice mode, where you’ll find different tasks that you should complete to pass the challenges.

Head Ball 2 MOD Apk

If you don’t want to play long leagues, you can start a quick match of 90 seconds in online mode. There are 150+ stock templates available in the store that you can pick and customize your character’s appearance. The control buttons are smooth and easy enough to understand the operations in seconds.

About Head Ball 2 MOD Apk

Head Ball 2 MOD Apk is a game for football fans who love watching or playing the game. It has fat-head characters available for customization, and you can change the players’ skins, costumes, and appearance. The store has over 150+ avatars available that you can unlock and choose from the list. There are many different playing modes that you can enjoy online or offline. If you want to play with your friends, then there’s a 1v1 mode to challenge your friend to score more goals against you.

The game has easy control buttons with simple actions, and there are only a few moves to keep the gameplay simple for everyone. Head Ball 2 has short matches of 90 seconds to enjoy the maximum enjoyment in less than 2 minutes. The other players playing against you are from the real world, and there will be no computerized bots to bore you with the planned algorithms.

Features of Head Ball 2

  • Simple Control Buttons

The control buttons are easy and simple to understand, and you only get a few buttons to handle. There are only a few buttons to control your player’s movements and perform some kicking actions.

Head Ball 2 MOD Apk 1

  • Real-World Opponents

All the opponents in this game belong to the real world and give you a hard battle experience. You aren’t going to play with computers anymore, so it’s hard to win against real players.

  • 90-seconds short games

The game also has mini-matches that last 90 seconds, and you can start these quick matches anytime. These short games are the best to experience maximum enjoyment in a few seconds.

  • Upgrade your Character

You can upgrade your player and change the appearance by modifying the skins, jerseys, hairstyles, and shoes. You can also create multiple profiles to switch between the players in every league.

Head Ball 2 MOD Apk 3

  • Play Action Missions

There are some action missions where you have to score more points by doing some extra stuff rather than running after the football. Be a goalkeeper or play in the field to show your special moves.

  • Daily Login Bonus

If you login into the game daily, you’ll get daily bonuses that help you unlock new items from the store. You can use these credit points to buy new costumes and skins for your players.

MOD Features

  • New Skins Unlocked
  • Easy Level Up
  • Unlimited Power Points
  • Get a bonus every time you open the game.

Final Verdict

Head Ball 2 MOD Apk is an interesting game for football fans; you can challenge your online friends to play against you here in the game. It has a 1v1 mode with 90 seconds of gameplay time to score maximum points. Whoever wins will take the trophy and the additional power points. Enjoy the gameplay and share your experience with us.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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