Top 10 Hidden Easter Eggs in GTA Vice City Android Version

Updated on November 21, 2023

G.T.A. Vice City, an iconic open-world game released by Rockstar Games, has captivated gamers for years. With its immersive gameplay and thrilling storyline set in a fictional version of Miami during the 1980s, it continues to be a fan favourite across various platforms. In this blog post, we will delve into the Android version of G.T.A. Vice City and uncover some hidden gems – Easter eggs- that add excitement to your gaming experience.

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1. The Ghost World Glitch:

One fascinating glitch within G.T.A. Vice City involves accessing “Ghost World.” Players can enter a surreal dimension, encountering floating objects and eerie surroundings using cheat codes or exploiting inevitable glitches near specific locations like Hyman Memorial Stadium or North Point Mall’s rooftop parking lot.

2. Malibu Club Secret Room:

Deep inside Malibu Club lies a secret room accessible through clever manoeuvring around the building’s interior walls. Inside this hidden space awaits unique artwork featuring characters from other popular games developed by Rockstar Games, such as Max Payne and Manhunt.

3. V.C.N. Maverick Helicopter on Building Roof:

Suppose you venture onto one particular rooftop behind the Downtown Ammu-Nation store with precise timing while flying at a high altitude using any helicopter available nearby. In that case, you’ll discover an exclusive V.C.N. Maverick helicopter waiting for you! This rare find adds another exciting element to your aerial adventures throughout Vice City.

4. Oceanic Carrying Dead Body Trunk Mystery:

While exploring the Little Haiti district late at night near Auntie Poulet’s house (after completing her missions), keep an eye out for a parked car called ‘Oceanic’ with something suspicious hiding in its trunk – namely, what appears to be a dead body wrapped up tightly! Though never explicitly explained within the game itself, stumbling upon this macabre discovery certainly raises questions about the criminal underbelly of Vice City.

5. Hidden Package at Ocean Beach Lighthouse:

Located on a small island off the coast of Ocean Beach, you’ll find an inconspicuous lighthouse. Climbing to its top reveals a hidden package that adds to your collection and contributes towards unlocking various rewards in-game.

6. The “Heart Attack” Health Cheat Easter Egg:

In G.T.A. Vice City for Android, players can regain health by typing “ASPIRINE” as a cheat code; another intriguing way to replenish health is known as the “heart attack” method! By standing near specific heart-shaped signage scattered throughout Vice City while entering the cheat above code, players will witness amusing animations where their character’s health bar fills up with hearts instead of regular increments.

7. Tommy Vercetti’s Mansion Secret Room:

Once you acquire Tommy Vercetti’s luxurious mansion through gameplay progression or purchase it from Sunshine Autos’ asset missions, explore every nook and cranny within this opulent residence. Behind one particular bookshelf lies a secret room containing unique artwork showcasing Rockstar Games’ logo alongside other references from their game portfolio.

8. Starfish Island Graveyard Mystery:

On Starfish Island is an eerie graveyard filled with tombstones with peculiar inscriptions such as ‘Gone But Not Forgotten,’ ‘R.I.P.,’ and even ‘We Were All Born To Die.’ While these headstones may not directly impact gameplay mechanics or storyline progressions, they add depth and intrigue to Vice City’s overall atmosphere.

9. Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus Store Ammo Stockpile Trick:

While visiting Phil Cassidy’s Army Surplus store in the Little Haiti district during daytime hours (preferably after completing his missions), pay attention to stacked crates behind him closely – they contain ample ammunition supplies free for taking! This discovery is an exciting surprise for resourceful gamers and a clever nod to the game’s attention to detail.

10. Hidden Rampage Challenges:

Throughout Vice City, you’ll stumble upon hidden rampage challenges that require players to complete specific tasks under time constraints using various weapons. These optional missions excite those seeking additional adrenaline-fueled action within the game world.


G.T.A. Vice City for Android offers an immersive gaming experience and numerous hidden Easter eggs waiting to be discovered by dedicated players. From glitched dimensions and secret rooms to mysterious graveyards and surprises, these hidden gems enhance gameplay enjoyment while showcasing Rockstar Games’ meticulous attention to detail. So grab your smartphone or tablet, dive into this virtual 1980s Miami setting, and explore every nook and cranny – who knows what other secrets await in G.T.A. Vice City!