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HideX app is a calculator photo vault, and app lock which help user hide apps.


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Name HideX
Package Name com.flatfish.cal.privacy
Category Tools  
Size 34.1 MB
Requires Android 4.2 and up
Last Updated September 20, 2023

We all have some secrets that we want to protect at any cost. When these secrets are on our phones, they are highly vulnerable. Anyone that has your phone can peek into some stuff that you don’t want anyone to see. And sometimes, you can’t just rely on the screen lock. And that’s what HideX is here for.

Hidex apk

HideX is a vault-app with a disguise. The icon of this app looks like a calculator. so no one can come to know that you had a vault application on your phone. It is a popular privacy locking app and an app hider tool. It appears as a calculator, but when you enter the password in the calculator, you enter into your very personal space, where you can store all your private images, videos etc. and protect them with the password.


Application is trusted by millions of users worldwide. The sub can be used to hide your images, videos and other applications as well. As this app comes with a disguised icon, it leaves no traces. If you use this application, no one will ever come to know that you have some hidden secrets.

Functions of HideX Apk 


  1. Photo vault: you can hide your photos, videos and other applications using this application very easily. All your secret images and videos are protected here with the password.
  2. App hider and app lock: using this application, you can not only Hide applications but also add password locks to your selected applications. This is how you can restrict other people from entering your private apps.
  3. Cloud storage: this application also comes with a cloud storage function. So everything you hide in this application can be stored on cloud storage as well, so it is protected. You can never lose anything you hide here if you have a backup on the cloud storage. Just turn on the auto-sync, so every file is backed up on the cloud.
  4. Private browser and VPN: this application also has an inbuilt browser and VPN so you can access any information from the internet and visit any website as you prefer without any restrictions.
  5. Perfect disguise: this application has a very creative disguise mechanism. Not only does the icon of this app look like a calculator, but it also functions like one. This calculator only lets you in the personal space when you enter the correct numbers in the input of the calculator. No one will ever come to know that it is a vault application.
  6. Fake vault and multiple vaults: can you create multiple vaults on this app so you can store different kinds of media on different vaults so there are fewer chances of getting caught.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I delete the HideX apk, will the hidden data will get deleted too?

No, The data will remain in encrypted form. You can de-encrypt it after installing HideX or other similar apps that uses the same encryption method.

Can I hide .txt files on the HideX apk?

Yes, you can hide any type of file and folder on the HideX apk.

Does this app work on iOS Devices?

This app is currently available on android devices. It does not work on iOS Devices.


HideX: calculator photo vault app is an extremely safe and creative volt app in disguise. Using this app you can hide all the media that you want without anyone knowing that to actually have hidden stuff on your phone.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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