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Hopeless Land: Fight for Survival is an extreme Action-Adventure battle royal game inspired by PUBG.

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Hopeless Land

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July 18,2019


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Battle royale games are very interesting and loved by gaming fans due to the interaction with players around the world and competing with real-life people and with gaming skills. Hopeless Land Apk has both action and adventure, which every gamer crave. The graphics are very realistic, and the game never lags unless there is a bad network connection. Overall this gaming app can be the future of battle royale games which these amazing specialities.

Hopeless Land Apk Overview

Hopeless Land APk

Hopeless Land Apk is a battle royale game with 120 players developed by HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO., LTD. The overall outlook of this game is inspired by games like PUBG and Free Fire. If you are a fan of Battle royale games, then you should definitely try the Hopeless Land game once. This game has a better design, and a realistic 3D look makes it special.

The hopeless Land game came up during the ban on PUBG games from many parts of the world due to its illegal activities. Since PUBG fans wanted something similar to quench their thirst for battle royale gaming HK Hero Ent. gave them one of the best battle royale games, Hopeless land apk. The weapons and modes are all similar to PUBG; some of its specs are unique and special too, which wasn’t available on Pubg.

Game Features

Hopeless land must be a new game, but it has been leaving a mark in the gaming community with its mind-blowing features. Read about some of its amazing features below!

Hopeless Land game

  1. Amazing Gameplay
  2. Realistic 3D graphics
  3. Better sound
  4. More FPS compared to other counterparts
  5. 120 Players battle mode
  6. Story Mode
  7. Multiplayer Mode
  8. More Guns
  9. Auto Aim specs
  10. Larger and unique Map
  11. 8 Maps for battle royale
  12. Mini battle royale with 8 players
  13. 1 vs 1 Battle
  14. Training Mode
  15. Smooth Controls
  16. Clear Voice chats
  17. Available on PC too

How to Play?

  • Aim: The aim can be set for automatic, which will precisely hit the opponent, but for a better experience, you can set it for normal, where you have to do everything on your own.
  • Shooting: The guns usually differ according to their types. There are machine guns, SMGs, Shotguns, Pistols, Machete and many more types of weapons available. There is a range assigned for every gun to which it can shoot. Snipers generally help you hit farther opponents compared to other guns.

Hopeless Land PUBG

  • Vehicles: Just like PUBG, there are different types of vehicles available that you can drive. From bikes to cars, the thrill will be unimaginable when you get to drive those cars in-game. You can also fly Helicopters in the Hopeless land game.
  • Game modes: There are 4 game modes like Bigger battle royale and a smaller one. You can also get training mode and 1 vs 1 mode, which is very unique.
  • Battle Royale: The battle royale in Hopeless Land has 120 Players, which is more than any other game. This gives a huge chance and a longer time to play. With a bigger map size, the gameplay also becomes hardcore.
  • Training Mode: For those who are new or want to try and learn the game can go to training mode. This will provide all weapons and vehicles which you can try.

Hopeless Land Apk has brought the hope to Pubg fans since it has been banned in many countries. Recently BGMI has been banned in India too. Hopeless land apk brings the same amazing gameplay and action to the table with better display and gaming modes. Download Hopeless Land app and play it with your friends online with clear voice chats on live games.

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