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Raj Kundra

HotShots is a platform where you can watch amazing web series famous for their B-Grade dramas.

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HotShots apk is an on-demand video streaming platform showcasing a wide range of exclusive and original short films, videos and photos from around the world featuring famous celebrities and amazing models. HotShots apk showcases high-quality HD videos. You can search and navigate through the simple layout of this app which makes it super easy and quick to search videos, photos, short films and much more featuring beauties from all around the world.

Hotshots Apk

All the content on this app is available in English, which is the most widely used language all around the world. The most amazing feature of the HotShots apk is the live sessions by some amazing models that are held on a regular basis. You can also chat, comment and interact with the performers during these live sessions.

Feature of HotShots apk:

Hotshots app

  1. Exclusive and original content: you can stream a wide range of original and exclusive content from all over the world in the form of short films, movies, documentaries and images.
  2. Unmatched quality: all of the content on the HotShots apk is in full HD quality. The quality is never compromised on the HotShots apk.
  3. Live shows: the best part of the HotShots apk is the live sessions. You can join live sessions by artists from various countries like USA, UK, India etc. And interact with the broadcasters by chatting and live talking with the artists. You can join the live sessions from any corner of the world. You can also showcase your talents on this app, singing, dancing, eating and many other talents can be shown here.
  4. Safe and clean environment: HotShots apk is very safe. The broadcasters and artists are safe from hate and harassment. It has a 24/7 activity monitoring system that ensures the quality of content and ensures that everyone can have fun.
  5. Send gifts: you can display your support and application to the broadcasters and artists by sending them beautiful virtual gifts. There’s a variety of amazingly big and small gifts for you to choose from.
  6. Go live and become famous: thousands of artists have become famous by going live on the HotShots apk and showcasing their unique talents like singing, dancing, acting and much more.  You can earn gifts and fans by doing live sessions and becoming a broadcaster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this app developed by Raj Kundra?

Yes, This app is developed by Raj Kundra, husband of Shilpa Shetty. This app was in a lot of controversies. That’s why it is unavailable on Google playstore.

Does this app have adult web series?

HotShots app has all types and genres of content available to watch. Yes, there are some adult content too, besides comedy, drama, and action genre web series.

Is this app safe to use?

Yes, Hotshots is completely safe to use. You can even download web series and watch it later.


If you love watching unique and exclusive content from various artists from different countries. Or if you have a unique talent that you want to showcase and become famous, then download the HotShots apk now and enjoy! You can stream various movies and short films and even join live sessions and interact with famous artists by chatting and talking with them during live sessions. HotShots apk also lets you send virtual gifts to the artists as a way to show support and appreciation 

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