How To Lock WhatsApp [Easy & Best Method]

Updated on April 20, 2022

WhatsApp is an app that works on different platforms. This app can be used on various smartphones as well as computers. WhatsApp comes with many features. A user can make a call either video or voice to another WhatsApp user over the internet. WhatsApp provides free international voice calls through the app. A user won’t need a specific iPhone or Android-based smartphone. The vital requirement is an OS that supports WhatsApp and a secure internet connection. WhatsApp has a simple interface and it can be easily understandable.

WhatsApp also has some other tools and features. Some of these include the Inviting feature. A user can invite another contact on WhatsApp who isn’t on WhatsApp. A user can also connect with another user who is not on his/her contact list. WhatsApp has an option where a user can create a group. A group where a user can connect with his workplace colleagues, friends, or family. Although the limit to add participants in a WhatsApp group is 256. WhatsApp allows the user to change the theme and background of a chat.

How To Lock WhatsApp

How To Lock WhatsApp In 2022 Easily Without Any App

Today will talk about another most important feature of WhatsApp. That is how to lock WhatsApp. For security reasons, a user has the preference to lock his/her WhatsApp accordingly. So without wasting any time, let us discuss the steps to lock WhatsApp.

  • Open WhatsApp and click on the three dots, located on the top right of the app. The user will find the setting. A new window will open, under the profile, there will be an option “account”. Click on the account option.

WhatsApp Account Settings

  • In the account section, the first option will be privacy. This option is particularly meant for privacy purposes. Click on the privacy option.

  • In the privacy section, there will be a lot of options. At the bottom of all the options. There will be an option called “fingerprint lock”. The user needs to click on “fingerprint lock”.

WhatsApp Fingerprint Lock

  • Here user will see an option called “unlock with fingerprint”. Under which there will be text ( when enabled, you will need to use a fingerprint to open WhatsApp. You can still answer calls if WhatsApp is locked). This text means a user can receive a call even when WhatsApp will be locked. The user will need to toggle on the “unlock with fingerprint”.

Enable WhatsApp Lock

  • There will be three options, the user can choose one of the options according to his/her requirements.

WhatsApp Lock Feature

Final Words

The fingerprint lock feature is an optimum security option available on WhatsApp. This can help the user to secure their chats as well as their WhatsApp contact. WhatsApp security is enhancing day by day.  There are a lot of other features of WhatsApp. The user can also share his/her live location. The status update feature of WhatsApp allows the user to update a status.

The status will last for 24 hours after the update. The most important feature of the app is, WhatsApp allows its user to block a particular contact if the user finds that contact troublesome. A user can also send the contact information of his/her friend or relative to another user.

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