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Enjoy Human: Fall Flat multiplayer game with your friends to solve mind-bending puzzles.

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September 19, 2022


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Here’s an exciting game where you must help a dumb character build a new life from scratch. In Human: Fall Flat Apk, you’ll get a player named Bob that you have to control in the game. Make him do the jobs, help other professions, and earn a living. You’ll get many obstacles that you can use to build several goods, build a house, or a big city. Solve some easy puzzles to crack the code of making new friends in the game. Once you have friends, you all can work together and help each other.

About Human: Fall Flat Apk

Human: Fall Flat Apk is a fictional game where you play Bob’s role. Bob dreams of making a prominent city of his own, making new friends, and helping each other to grow together. You get obstacles that you can use to build houses, farms, and concrete a new building. Solve the challenging puzzles to make new friends and explore new destinations to start your construction. Once you have friends, you can work together or explore the game’s hidden caves and forest area.

You don’t have to fight with evils or use any weapons. It’s available for children to play the game and experience new graphics and storylines. There will be no violence in the game or in intimate pictures.

Highlights of Human: Fall Flat Apk

There are many unique highlights you’re going to find in the Human: Fall Flat Apk. Let’s read about a few of them before you install the game.

  • Multiplayer

It’s a multiplayer game, and you can invite four more friends to help you build the city of your dreams.

  • Open Community

In the game, you’ll find many more professions to choose from a doctor, firefighter, explorer, or tourist guide.

  • Unique Puzzles

Solve the unique puzzles to get regards and unlock new stages to play. Once you solve the puzzles, you’ll be able to make new friends in multiplayer mode.

  • Free Customization

You can customize your player with your choice of look, dress him with new skins, add hairstyle, handsome accessories, and much more.

  • Basic Storyline

The story is too simple to understand, and you only have to help other players to let them grow with you and build a city together.


Ultimately, we hope Human: Fall Flat Apk interests you with its unique puzzles and levels. Suppose you feel stuck at any level and want to seek the help of experts through the game forums. To discuss your gaming experience, you can use the below comments box to share your thoughts.

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