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Huniepop Apk is a simulation game focused on dating.

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Name Huniepop
Package Name com.huniepop.huneipopgame
Category Simulation  
Version 11.2
Size 1.1 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 30, 2023

3.4 / 5. Vote count: 106

Going on dates is a big part of life. Dating games, like Huniepop Apk, are fun because they have interesting stories and you can decide how it ends. In the app you make money to give your date gifts or take them out for dinner by solving puzzles.
Huniepop Apk

There are many characters in this game. You can also choose the character according to their looks and preferences. In the overall Huniepop storyline, you will meet more than a dozen of dates with different looks and likes. You can talk to them with multiple options available with different answers and questions. Your answers decide the outcome of the date and conversation in this game.

Huniepop Apk

You can play as both male and female characters. You can play up to 4 different stories in an account and save them from resuming from the same exact part where you had left the game. If you don’t have any date in the game, then you can visit any club and ask a girl out to make her your date. Buying gifts for your date makes this game easy. The visuals and voices of the characters are creative and cute, which keeps you interested in this game.

Key Features of Huniepop Apk:

Huniepop App is a simulation and puzzle-based game where you can find a date and simulate the relationship virtually. Learn more about the amazing features of Huniepop Apk Below:

Solve Puzzle:

Huniepop Apk

The puzzles are easy to solve and resemble the candy crush game. You can earn money and increase the passion level of your date towards you with this game.

Play up to 4 stories at a time:


You can play 4 different story simulations in this game, each with a different gender. To resume your game, you must save it in Save data. You can also see money, diamond and passion percentage in the data of all stories.

Virtual Inventory:


Whenever you buy anything extra, you can always keep it in your virtual inventory to use later. You can store all gifts and food too. You can store up to 36 items in this inventory.

Change the Voiceovers and Gender:


You can change the gender of your character in this game and also the voice of the character. There are also important settings like difficulty level and sound effects, which can be changed whenever you want.

Meet New Dates:


At the difficult level, it is hard to keep your dates happy, so the chances of loss are high. In that case, you can go to malls and other places in the game and meet new girls. You can ask them about dates, purchase gifts, check their profile and talk with them.

Learn about the traits of Date: 


Every date or girl in this game has different and unique traits. You can find the likes and dislikes of the characters by viewing their profiles. You can use these traits and follow the guidelines to increase their affection.

Find you Date


Click on the girl finder to find new dates. You can get those dates in the Mall, Nightclubs and other places. The character and type of girl also depend on where you found them.

Buy Gifts and Food from the Store


 To purchase gifts, food or drinks for your date, you can go to the store and buy them which game money. The prices of items go up and down, so you can purchase gifts when the price is low and store them in your inventory to use later.


Huniepop Apk is a simulation and roleplaying game. The storyline basically runs around dating, where you can choose the replies and make your partner happy. The graphics and voice-over are beautiful which makes you fall for the game and characters. If you like dating simulation games, then download Huniepop Apk and date anime characters virtually.

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