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Idle Egg Factory is a great game to play for all users who love egg games.

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Idle Egg Factory mod apk is a type of simulation game designed by solid games and has been downloaded one crore times since it was launched.

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What are simulation games?

Simulation games are the type of video games which are designed in such a way that the game simulates the actual world activity up to a great extent.

idle egg factory mod apk

Why simulation games important

Simulation games are based on real-life activities which help the player to learn many skills like training, analysis and prediction, and management just by playing the game. So playing these games not only entertains you and saves you from loneliness and boredom but also helps you improve many skills without spending real money.

What is the Idle Egg Factory Mod Apk

idle egg factory mod apk is categorised under simulation game which is based on the business model of an egg factory. The basic theme of the game is based on the management of an egg factory. The player is in charge of an egg factory which has to manage from top to bottom. The egg factory game is one of the easiest, graphically attractive and most engaging types of play, with over one crore active users all over the globe.

How to play the Idle Egg Factory mod apk

idle egg factory mod apk

The game starts with an egg factory including hens, and the player has to make the hens lay as many eggs as possible then, the player has to manage the packing of the eggs and then sell them out to earn money. The speed of laying eggs is directly proportional to the money or profit the player makes, so one has to work on the rate and number of eggs.

The challenges get harder on each level, increasing the excitement and fun. The money earned by selling the eggs can be used to upgrade the facilities and expand the business, just like the actual business. If you are interested in earning money and learning many business skills like management and analysis along with fun, then this game is undoubtedly for you.

idle egg factory mod apk

Features of Idle Egg Factory mod apk

Idle egg factory mod apk has some of the most excellent features, which makes the game more indulging and influencing.

Mod version

The game is available on the Play Store, but it offers high in-app purchase charges, so we present you the apk version of the app where you don’t have to spend your hard-earned money. The mod apk version of the game is free and compatible with all Android devices. It is the most authentic and trustable among many versions available in the market. One can download this apk file without any worries.

idle egg factory mod apk


Another specific feature of the game is that the graphics of the game is designed in such a way that it feels very calming and realistic, everything including the hen and egg and machines feels just so real.

Easy to play

The game is relatively easy to understand, and features like simple touch and swipe make the game feasible for any age group. Players must sell as many eggs as possible to earn a lot of money in the game. For that, one must learn to keep the eggs safe to avoid cracking; Players must keep the hen and the surrounding environment appropriate for hens so they can lay more and more eggs and your total revenue graph reaches the top level.


Idle egg factory mod apk is a simulation game which mimics actual activities. The game is relatively easy to understand and control, and its graphics are designed to make it feel realistic. The gameplay revolves around selling eggs and making a profit; players learn many skills like management, decision-making, analysis, interpretation, prediction etc. The apk version of the game allows both offline and online modes at the player’s convenience. Also, the game is not charging any installation fees, and no login information is required. So if you want to get rid of your loneliness and want to try something entertaining, then this game is a must-have app on your mobile

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