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inDriver Apk is a taxi service and delivery app.

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Name inDriver
Package Name sinet.startup.inDriver
Category Tools  
Version 5.82.0
Size 109.1 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated June 18, 2024

inDriver Apk is an amazing alternative to taxis and courier services. You can now directly book a taxi from your home using this app. The courier service allows pick and delivery of packages with a maximum 20 kg weight limit. The courier is door-to-door pick and drop. You can also book freight cargo and trucks online through this app to move bigger and heavier things.

inDriver Apk

To book cargo and large vehicles, you can either mention the weight, size or image of the thing you want to move. There is all type of cargo delivery vehicles available in this app, such as trucks and lorries. You can offer the price after booking a cab, truck or package, and if anyone is interested, they can send you their price or accept your offer to service.

inDriver Apk

If you also want to join inDriver then you can choose the driver mode option, which will convert this app to find the customer. You can make offers and earn money easily with this app. There is no fixed time limit to work with this app. You can either work part-time or full-time. To get customers, you must be online and active on inDriver Apk all the time.

 Key Features of inDriver Apk:

inDriver Apk is a taxi and delivery app developed by Suol Innovations Ltd. With this app, you can easily ride the rides with the best fare. You can also join to drive by verifying your account. To learn more about inDriver Apk, read below:

Offer Your Fare:

inDriver Apk

There are many online taxi booking apps, but none allow you to offer the fare price. Here you can set the fare after choosing the pickup and destination location with ride type. If any driver is interested, they can set their fare or accept it directly.

Choose your driver:

inDriver Apk

There are hundreds of inDriver taxis available in this app. You can easily find the best option and pick the driver who provides better fares with good ratings. If you are interested in their rates, you can accept or decline if fares are high. You can also see the ratings, vehicle name, vehicle type, Drivers profile and other important factors before choosing a taxi.

City Rides:

inDriver Apk

You can easily take city rides by finding the nearest taxi with good ratings. If you like their service, you can also rate them or offer tips. If drivers cannot find you, you can directly message or call them to explain the address or ask them other important questions.

InterCity Rides:

inDriver Apk

Intercity rides can be booked when you move from one city to another. You can add the number of passengers, date and time to find the nearest available taxi. To get an accurate fare, you can also mention your number and size of bags to avoid the hassle. You can also create a fare request to inform drivers of your offer.

Courier your Package:

inDriver Apk

With this app, you can send and receive courier packages of up to 20Kgs. The fare is calculated online once you put the weight and location to send the courier and deliver your package easily.

Become Driver: 

To join as a taxi driver, Courier boy or company and freight driver, you can verify your account as a driver online by providing bank account details, Residence address details, vehicle details, personal information and a valid government ID. You must have active internet and call data to use inDriver Apk effectively.

Simple App Interface:

The app interface of inDriver Apk is simple and easy to understand. You can also change the app langue from the setting. Currently, this app has 50+ languages. You can also change the app theme to dark mode.


inDriver Apk is an international taxi and delivery app. This app is currently working in 47 countries and 700 cities. You can book not only intercity taxis but also local rides. The fare prices are very competitive and minimal compared to other taxi services. You can also join inDriver team and become a taxi driver. Download inDriver Apk and book a taxi easily with one click.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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