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Instagram Pro App is a mod version of Instagram where you can download Reels and Posts.

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Instagram Pro

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4.1 and up

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January 22, 2023


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It is impossible to download posts and reels from Instagram directly. There are many apps and websites where you can paste the link from Instagram to download the posts, but it is hectic and time-consuming. Instagram Pro Apk helps you download posts, Reels, IGTV, Long videos and stories from this app directly and save them on your SD card directly.

Instagram Pro Apk

This app is safe to use and looks the same as a normal Instagram. To get its mod function click on the three dots which you find in the top right corner of every post. There you will find all the pro features like download and save options. You can also zoom images and download profile photos with one click. Instagram stories can be saved easily with one click when you click on the download icon on the bottom left of the stories.

Instagram Pro

Sometimes our followers unfollow after we follow them, and that is hard to track, but Instagram Pro also solves this issue with a follower tracker option. You can now check your daily followers’ updates and those who unfollowed you easily in this app. This app also blocks all posts, and stories added permanently. You can download this app for free. Before installing this app on your device, you must uninstall the previous app from your device; otherwise, you won’t be able to install Instagram Pro App.

Instagram Pro

Key Features of Instagram Pro Apk:

Instagram Pro apk is not a modified app of Instagram. The features in this mod app are very helpful to all. The user interface of this app perfectly matches the real Instagram app. Below there are some of the most interesting Instagram Pro App features:

  • Download Posts and Reels: There are many amazing memes and educational videos we like to save to share with friends on other social media networks or edit them. We have to copy and paste the link from Instagram to a separate downloading app. Instagram Pro came with this modification to save you time from this process. Now You can directly download the posts and videos from Instagram Pro.
  • Download stories: Stories are 60 seconds of video or image that have been shared for 24 hours in this app. It is impossible to download a story with normal Instagram. But Instagram Pro App lets you save the story in your internal memory with one click.
  • Copy Comments: Comments section generally have some great and funny comments that we like to copy and share among friends. Now you can copy the comments as well as the bio of Instagram with this app.
  • Track Followers: Every day, some of our followers unfollow us, and it is tiresome to track who left. Instagram Pro app lets you know your followers and unfollowed list and help your track them easily.
  • App Lock: Now, you don’t need a separate app locker to lock your Instagram account. Instagram Pro comes with an inbuilt app locker to keep your Instagram safe.
  • Ads free:  Ads are common in every social media. Sometimes ads are entertaining, too, but most of the time, they are irritating. This app blocks all ads from Instagram and gives a smooth experience.
  • Built-in Translator: Instagram have users from all countries around the world, and everyone has different langue. Most of the time, we are unable to understand the context of posts due to different languages. Now you can translate comments as well as posts with Instagram Pro App.

Final Verdict:

Instagram Pro is a premium app of Instagram with tons of amazing features like follower tracking, Story download, Post download, Reel download, Translation and comment copying ability. These premium features are free of cost. You also get a lock feature in this app, so now you don’t have to download the app locker separately to keep your Instagram app safe. Download Instagram Pro Apk and easily save images and videos from Instagram to your device.

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