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Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk is a simulation game where you build and grow an Internet Cafe.

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Internet Cafe Simulator 2

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January 21,2023


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Do you want to start an Internet cafe business virtually and understand how to run this business while simulating the games? Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk is a simulation-based business and adventure game where your main aim is to build a successful business and pay your brother’s debts. You can add new accessories to your cafe to attract customers.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk

This app has a small and interesting storyline where the protagonist has to pay his brother’s debts, who is not alive. To pay the debts main hero opens an internet cafe. The game can be saved so you can play it without losing data from previous gameplay. The internet cafe is situated in a suburban region full of criminals and poor people who can cause trouble to your cafe.

Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk

Initially, the game will provide tasks, but most of the work you must do on your own. The money you earn from the cafe can be used to purchase better equipment for the internet cafe. Basically, this game is a mixture of roleplaying, simulation and adventure. You will face the basic and external problems to grow your cafe and earn a living out of it. Like in real life, you can have a family and relations in-game. 

Features of Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk:

Internet Cafe Simulator 2, developed by Cheesecake Dev, is the game’s second version. Overall, the gameplay is the same, but the storyline and surroundings are different. You can read more details about the features of Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk below:

  • Storyline: You have to find a job or create a business in order to repay the loan that your brother took. You must open an internet cafe to help him repay quickly and save your brother’s life from thugs. The storyline is full of drama and adventure. You will also have your own wife with whom you can have the baby in the game. If someone tries to rob you, then you can attack them physically.
  • Create a business: The internet cafe is the main business in this game, but you can add multiple things to your cafe to bring in more customers. You can add Gaming setup, Pool, Restaurant and much more in this game.
  • Build a realistic Cafe: To build a cafe, you must clean that empty shop, bring desks and a basic computer and start with the minimum of what you have. You can also add Lighting, a Sofa, a TV, an Air conditioner and much more.
  • Serve your customers: When you serve your customers professionally, you might receive extra tips or more influx of new customers. You can also hire employees who can serve customers in the Internet cafe to reach each customer.
  • Shop New items: Initially, you would have nothing except a desk, chair and computer. But later, when you earn enough money in the game, you can purchase new items for your internet cafe to improve it.
  • Amazing Graphics: The graphics of Internet Cafe Simulator 2 are in 3D. You can change the frame per second and other graphics settings to run the game quickly.
  • Upgrade your Skills: You can upgrade your physical and cafe-based skills. Physical skills like fitness, clothing and Looks can be changed, and cafe skills are professionalism and being a good speaker, which helps interact with customers.


Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Apk is an open-world simulation game where you can move around like in real life. In this game, you can build a cafe from zero and make it profit earning business. You can purchase equipment and furniture to make your cafe better. There will be challenges like bomb attacks and theft in your cafe, which you have to tackle. Download the Internet Cafe Simulator 2 App and create your internet cafe to pay the debts and earn a huge fortune.

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