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The Kiryuu App offers thousands of comics and manga collections to help you improve your reading skills.

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Name Kiryuu
Package Name
Category Entertainment  
Version 2.0.0
Size 10.1 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated April 30, 2023

We are living in an era where reading culture has become increasingly dominant. Reading apps have boomed because of today’s modern and mythological concepts, which has created new curiosity among readers. For Indonesians who want to improve their reading skills, Kiryuu is an ideal app for gaining access to comics, manga, and manhwa.

Over the years, manga and comic reading have evolved dramatically, but the narrative has remained the same regardless of changes in design. It is common to find the influence of manga characters in people to a large extent. There is such a passion for reading manga among people that every new chapter sets a new record as soon as it is published.

About Kiryuu App

Kiryuu is an Android and Windows OS app developed by Jutek ID that lets you read comics. It provides access to high-quality content related to Manga, Comics, and Manhwa, so you can download and read it. There is no doubt that the Kiryuu Rev app will be a boon for people who enjoy reading.

Kiryuu Apk

The Kiryuu app is primarily made for Indonesian-oriented users and is also highly regarded by Indonesian users. In this app, you get to see inspiring stories, so you get engrossed in them like a devotee. A great storyline sets the foundation for top-quality content, which makes you more inclined to read.

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Kiryuu App Features

You can find a wide variety of genres and tile books here. In addition to creating your own reading list, you can set a challenge for yourself. Kiryu has some amazing features that you have to check out.

Read a Collection of Manga and Comics

In the Indonesian language, the Kiryuu app is a great option for people who prefer to read manga, manhwa, and comics based on the land of sakura. Apart from Indonesia, you can also read manga of some big Japanese titles on this app. More than 100 titles are available here, including top-notch titles like One Piece, Baruto, and Bleach.

Kiryuu Apk

Read Manga Offline

In this digital era, you can now read all comic book titles directly from your smartphone through the Kiryuu Rev app. There is no need to purchase a hard copy. Downloading the comic to your device’s internal storage lets you read it offline, so you can read it whenever and wherever you want.


Various Reading Modes Available

Kiryuu offers a variety of modes for reading comics, including Webview, Webtoon, Vertical, and Review. The different methods provide unlimited content within different types so you won’t miss a single new comic release.


Notification Alert

By using the notification feature of the Kiryuu app, you are informed whenever new manga and comics episodes or chapters are available so that you don’t miss any news or updates.

Key Features of the Kiryuu App

  • User-friendly Interface & simple to use.
  • All Android devices are supported, including low-end devices.
  • With one app, you can access content from all over the world.
  • Enjoy fiction, romance, horror, and many other contents in a whole new way with brand-new graphics.

Q)- Is kiryuu app safe to use?

A)- Users have always viewed Third-party apps with skepticism, which is also justified. The Kiryuu Rev app is reliable if you find the right place to download it.

Final Conclusion

Kiryuu is an Android app that allows users to read comics, manga, and manhwa content. With this app designed explicitly for Indonesians, you’ll be able to see all kinds of famous titles alongside new releases. This app can be an ideal choice for those wanting to improve their reading skills.

Reviewed by: Yazmine

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