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Kiwi Browser is a fast browser with interesting news feeds and smooth downloads.

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October 30,2022


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Are you in search of a browser that is safe to use and works smoothly even with a slower internet connection? Kiwi Browser Apk is highly regarded and known for its lower consumption of the internet while giving the same experience. This App has 10+ search engines which you can choose, unlike other inbuilt search engines on your device.

Kiwi Browser Apk

Kiwi Browser has every feature you need in a perfect browser. You can have an incognito mode, which makes your searches safe and deletes the search data automatically. You can have unlimited tabs open at a time, and still, this browser will run smoothly since it saves all data in cookies form.

Kiwi Browser App

Download speed is amazing, it is seen that kiwi browser has faster downloading speed than chrome. With access to developer tools, you can easily edit the app settings backend and make it run as per your choice. Further details on the Kiwi browser app are given below!

Key Features of Kiwi Browser Apk:

Kiwi Browser, also known as the fastest web browser, has been tried and tested on all its features and always stood ahead of its competitors. Below there are some of the most interesting Kiwi Browser features:

Fast Browsing: this web browser has fast browsing with low consumption of internet data. This browser is next to chrome in the ranking and slowly taking away the place of the best browser with its latest and amazing features.

Fast Downloads: Most of us use browsers just to download images, gifs, movies or songs. We all have seen how long it takes to download or upload files sometimes. Kiwi browser has one of the quick downloading speeds with its lite inbuilt.

Kiwi Browser

Choose your favourite search Engine: There are many browsers available on the internet, but none of them provides the choice to choose the type of search engine. Google is one of the most famous search engines, but the news of it being unsafe and collecting data has been around for a long. you can choose to save the Search engine and enjoy browsing the net with the Kiwi browser.

Save and fill payment methods: If you want to make payment quickly without needing to fill in details repeatedly. you can Fill in and save your payment details on Kiwi browsers. Your details will be safe with a trusted browser.

Save Passwords: You can save passwords directly on Kiwi Browser to get them back with one click. Saving passwords will help you a lot. These days, we sign up on a lot of platforms and forget our passwords.

Night Mode: There are many themes in this app. One of them is Night mode which helps your eyesight. Might mode is most favoured while browsing and reading articles during the night.

Private Mode: This mode is also known as incognito mode. You can search anything safely here as it doesn’t collect any data or search history.

Private mode

Translate Pages into 50+ Languages: Whenever you stumble upon any foreign language page. Just click on translate and get the whole page translated accurately.


Kiwi Browser is the best browsing app where you can choose your favourite search engines. This browser is safe to use as the data is not tracked when you use certain search engines like DuckDuckGo and other safe browsers. The download speed is also amazing. Kiwi browser app doesn’t take much internet data and helps you save data in case your country has expensive internet.

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