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Tiga Langkah Dari Rumah

Komikindo is a manga app translated into Indonesian laguage with thousands of amazing manga series.

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October 27,2022


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Almost all manga apps are generally in English, Japanese, Korean or Chinese. Most of the manga publishers are Japanese, and English is one of the most spoken languages; you can easily find manga with English translations. Reading in own language has a unique feeling and connection to the character. KomikIndo Apk is an Indonesian-based mange which provides amazing manga collections with proper translation.

Komikindo Apk

KomikIndo App has a wide list of genres in the manga to choose from. You can even download manga in PDF form to read it later or share with friends. If you are reading any manga and want to track it, then you can keep it favourites section to get easy access. This app is free of cost and doesn’t charge a penny for its service. Unfortunately, there will be some ads, but they are very minimal and hardly bother while reading manga.

Komikindo App

To use KomikIndo Apk, you have to sign up through your google account. After signing in, you can avail all features of this app on your android device. Mainly, you can find all major manga from Japan, South Korea and China in this app. If you having a problem while reading manga due to bright light, you can change the theme to dark mode. 

Key Features of KomikIndo Apk:

Komikindo is a manga app which provides manga in the Indonesian language for free. This app has thousands of manga and every week latest episodes are added to it. Get detailed info on KomikIndo App below:


  • Latest manga: KomikIndo provides all the latest and most famous manga in the Indonesian language. You can get a notification of the latest episode or season of manga too. 
  • Accurate Translations: The translation of manga are done by professional translators to provide readers with the most accurate version of manga in their language. You can get the same intense and dramatic feeling from reading those mangas in KomikIndo Apk.
  • Download Manga: Those who have a weak internet connection or want to read manga offline can download manga. By downloading manga, you can also share it in PDF form with others.
  • Bookmark to read later: As there is a huge amount of manga in this app, it’s easy to forget the name of the manga we are reading. You can simply click on the heart icon, which will save that manga in your favourite section. You can go back to your favourites and start reading the manga from where you had left off.
  • An enormous list of Genres: All manga are generally divided according to their genre so readers can easily find the type of manga they want to read. There are 25 genres of manga in the KomikIndo App.
  • Free of cost: Using KomikIndo is free of cost. Just install this app on your device and link it with your google, or sign up with Gmail and start your manga reading journey.
  • Different Themes: There are 4 different themes in this app. The most important and useful will be the dark one as it doesn’t hurt your eyes.


KomikIndo App is a manga reading app in Bahasa Indonesia. This is one of Indonesia’s most downloaded comic and manga reading apps. This app is only available for Android devices. You can find all high-quality manga in this app. You can go to your favourite genre and explore the amazing manga of your choice. Download KomikIndo Apk and read your favourite manga in the Bahasa Indonesia language.

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