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Koora Live provides free streaming of all popular sports.

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Name Koora Live
Package Name com.koora.live.ulzhhhcubjafnvpjg
Category Sports  
Version 4.0
Size 7 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated December 6, 2023

Koora Live APK for Android is a comprehensive sports streaming app that provides users an easy and convenient way to watch their favourite sporting events. With Koora Live, you can access live streams of football matches worldwide and other popular sports such as basketball, cricket, rugby union and more.

The app also offers news updates on all major leagues, including English Premier League (EPL), La Liga Santander in Spain, Serie A in Italy, and highlights from each match. Hence, you never miss out on any action!

Koora Live

Furthermore, it has features like social media integration which allows fans to stay connected with friends while watching games together or discussing them afterwards; notifications about upcoming fixtures; detailed statistics of every player involved during a game along with team line-ups before kick-off time – making it one of the complete apps available when looking for ways to keep up-to-date on your favourite teams’ performances throughout the season.

Features of Koora Live for Android

Koora Live is an Android app that provides users with a comprehensive suite of features for following their favourite sports teams and players. With Koora Live, you can stay updated on the latest scores, news stories, and highlights from games worldwide in real-time and access exclusive content such as interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.

Koora Live

You also have access to personalized notifications, so you never miss out on any important updates about your chosen team or player. Whether it’s football (soccer), basketball or cricket – get closer than ever with Koora Live!

  • Live to stream sports matches.
  • Access to highlights, replays and news related to the match being streamed.
  • Ability to watch multiple games at once with picture-in-picture mode.
  • Push notifications for upcoming events or important updates from the Koora Live app.
  • A search feature allows users to search by team name, player name etc., for quick access to the desired content.
  • Option available to create a personalized profile on the app to customize user experience according to preferences like favourite teams/players etc.
  • An interactive chatroom where fans can discuss their favourite sport while watching live streams together.
  • It supports Chromecast technology allowing users to stream videos directly onto more giant screens such as televisions.

Benefits of Using Koora Live

Koora Live apk is an innovative mobile application that provides users with a unique way to watch live sports and other events. The app has been designed to provide the best possible streaming experience for fans of all levels, from casual viewers to hardcore enthusiasts. With the Koora Live apk, you can easily access any game or event in real-time without leaving your home. Here are some of the benefits offered by this revolutionary new technology:

Koora Live

1) High-Quality Streaming – One of the main advantages provided by Koora Live Apk is its ability to stream high-quality video content directly onto your device at lightning speeds. This means no more waiting around for buffering times as games start immediately when they become available on the app’s servers – perfect if you want instant gratification!

Additionally, its advanced compression algorithms allow users to enjoy smooth playback even while using limited bandwidth connections such as 3G/4G networks, ensuring uninterrupted viewing pleasure wherever one may be located across different parts of India & abroad too.

2) Comprehensive Coverage – Another excellent benefit associated with KooraLiveApkisits comprehensive coverage of all major sporting leagues and tournamentsacrossIndiaincludingtheIPL(IndianPremierLeague), ISL (Indian Super League), Pro Kabaddi League etc., plus international cricket matches like ICC World Cup T20 2020, IPTL Tennis league etc.

It also covers national competitions like the Ranji Trophy Cricket tournament and famous domestic football championships like I-league& ISL, ensuring you never miss out on any action from your favourite sporting event again!

3) Multiple Platform Support – Multiple platforms, such as Android and smart TVs support the app. It can be accessed through various devices without needing to download separate apps for each one, making it convenient for users who want to enjoy live broadcasts on more than just their phones or PCs but also intelligent televisions etc.

It also supports multiple screen viewing options where users tune into several matches simultaneously using different screens for the different games, making it easy to pick up several events at once and follow them closely simultaneously!

Pros and Cons of Koora Live:

  • Offers live streaming of sports matches from all around the world.
  • Provides comprehensive coverage for major tournaments and leagues, including football, cricket, basketball etc.
  • Allows users to access exclusive content such as interviews with players and coaches and highlights packages of past games.
  • Features an interactive interface allowing viewers to converse about their favourite teams or athletes while watching the game on their device’s screen.
  • It gives detailed information regarding fixtures, results & standings across multiple competitions so users can keep tracking easily without missing out on any important updates related to those events they are interested in following closely.
  • Limited availability of sports events and matches.
  • Poor streaming quality at times due to low bandwidth connections.
  • Occasional lags in the video stream can be very annoying for viewers.
  • No support for Chromecast or Apple TV devices.
  • Ads that frequently appear during live streams.


Koora Live apk is an excellent tool for sports fans who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, scores and highlights from their favourite teams. It comprehensively covers all major international sporting events, such as football, cricket and basketball.

The app also offers live streaming options to watch games in real time on mobile devices or computers. With its user-friendly interface and easy navigation system, Koora Live makes it simple for anyone to keep track of what’s happening in the world of sports without leaving home or office desktops behind!

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