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Enjoy intense missions to save your forest from humans, and collect and upgrade Slime in Legend of Slime: Idle RPG MOD Apk.

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More About Legend of Slime

Name Legend of Slime
Package Name com.loadcomplete.slimeidle
Category Adventure  
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.13.3
Size 120M
Requires Android 5.1 and up
Last Updated May 19, 2023

2 / 5. Vote count: 11

Legend of Slime MOD Apk is an action-adventure game where you have to fight with humans. You can use deadly weapons, create your army, lead the troops to raid enemies’ base camps, and much more. The game has 3D graphics to let you briefly view the battlefield and track the moments of all your troops. Unfortunately, the humans are bad in this game, and you should have to defeat them.

Legend of Slime MOD Apk

You can upgrade your character and steal heavy weapons from the opponent’s camp. Use these destructive weapons to save your forests, and don’t let anyone come near your safe zone. Legend of Slime has many exciting missions and jobs where you can pass your free time and earn great rewards. For example, they work in mines to extract rocks, gold, and hidden treasures. You can also earn gold coins on every successful raid you make on the human village.

About Legend of Slime MOD Apk

Legend of Slime MOD Apk is a game about monster forests where the slimes live peacefully. However, one day the humans found their forest and started raiding with their destructive troops and weapons. Now you’re the soldier slime and have to fight against the humans to save your monster’s forest. Your job is to bring the peace back and defeat the humans so they can return to their living and never return. Legend of Slime is an adventurous game with dozens of exciting missions.

You can do much more than fighting, there are mines where you can find hidden treasures, and you can raid and loot gold from the human villages. Once you have enough resources, you can upgrade your forest by adding weapons, upgrading the troops, and your player with unique abilities. You can also create an army of humans who serves you with total loyalty after you turn them into your minions.

Highlights of Legend of Slime MOD Apk

  • Joyful Graphics

The graphics of this game are impressive, and they won’t make you feel bored no matter how long you play it. Apart from this, you can also change the camera angles to view the battlefield differently.

Legend of Slime MOD Apk 2

  • Upgrade your Character

There are many essentials available in the store that you can add to your character. It includes new costumes, skins, weapons, and accessories. You can unlock these assets by winning the battles or purchasing directly from the store.

  • Raid and Loot Treasures

If you have a strong army of slimes, you can raid human villages to loot the treasure. The treasure has enough coins and gold to fill your pockets, but make sure they’ll attack you to defend the town, so brace yourself for the fight.

Legend of Slime MOD Apk 3

  • Find Loyal Minions

Once you win the battles and ultimately destroy the human villages, you can order them to leave the forest or turn them into your loyal minions. It’s easy to grow your army with loyal followers to defend your forest from future battles.

  • Intense Fights

The fight scene includes many destructive weapons, well-planned strategies, and more. You have to show your full strength to fight against your opponents. If you lose, you have to lose your forest too. So, it’s like an endgame battle for you.

MOD Features

  • Play Offline

You can play this game offline with all the working options. Create a team, follow the maps, and attack human villages before they reach your forests.

  • Free Skins

Get new skins daily as an opening bonus, and you can win free skins after every successful raid; consider it your winning prize.

  • Unlimited Loots

You can raid and loot human villages to find unlimited coins and treasure to fill your pockets. Later, you can use these coins to upgrade your forest.

Final Words

Legend of Slime MOD Apk is an action game with adventurous missions. If you keep upgrading your troops and base camp, you’ll always feel energized by this game. If you want to share your experience with our visitors, write your thoughts in the comments box.

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