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Limbo is an arcade game with a dangerous environment and traps to cross.

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Name Limbo
Package Name com.playdead.limbo.full
Category Adventure  
Version 1.21.1
Size 108.7 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated March 23, 2024

Limbo Apk is interesting which will take you to the land of adventure. A small boy is playing the main character in this game. Actually, he is suffering from a mental disorder. He was an alone child of his parents but he thinks that someone has kidnapped his younger sister.

The story behind the game is really heart touching. Help the kid to find his imaginary sister in the game. Limbo is a puzzle game and one of the best game to kill your free time. This game has been developed by Playdead Game Studio. They are one of the most popular developers on Google Play Store. Limbo is very good puzzle game for playing on devices running on Android platform. This game is unique and very different from all others and that’s why users call it a masterpiece.


Fell the pain of a brother and live the life of your character. When the young boy wakes up from the sleep he has to cross dark and dense forest which are so scary. The twist in this game is that you need to face many terrifying ghosts and monster along with many animals who are out to pray.

Protect the young boy from all harms and dangers. Beautiful Art, haunting to recall and reviving when on a run in the dark pre-dawn makes this game amazing. The graphics are so good that everything real. The puzzles are the right amount of difficulty that you will never get frustrated. Controls of this game are as good as possible on a touchscreen device.

Download Limbo Apk Latest Version for Android

Limbo is completely different from all the games you have played earlier. This game is a very short game but designed so smartly. Limbo conveys everything so perfectly, It’s sound design and visuals could be no better than they are right now. It’s said to be on of the most original and beautiful game on play store.

Run, jump and puzzle your way through certain gruesome death. The controls of the game are as simple as the game itself, just swipe to the direction in which you want your character to turn. Overall this game is very well designed and a perfect one to play.

We are developing day by day, many new inventions are done each day. Earlier televisions were black and white but what we see no a days is its advanced version. Even nowadays all smartphone are colorful. We have all wishes to play a black and white game at least once in our life.

How will you fell if I say today we are giving you this chance. You can do so by downloading Limbo latest version apk on your android phone. Limbo game comes in black and white visual styles and this makes it stand out from the crowd.

Limbo Latest Version Apk Features

This game is very simple yet interesting, it comes with just two buttons. One helps to get the boy jump and another button to perform the various actions like dragging the boxes, pressing buttons, pulling levels etc. This game is very pleasant when you die you don’t need to play from start.

You will be revived at the same place where you died, this is necessary to minimize the player’s frustration. If we talk about it features then the list will be near infinity. I am going to mention best features of Limbo game which will make you fall in love with it.

  • Impressive interior design and the best adventure game as per its players.
  • Highest rated 2D scrolling game on play store.
  • Mind-blowing black and white visual effects.
  • Lovely dark gameplay which helps people to overcome the fear of darkness.
  • The real physics-based puzzle game.
  • No need to start from beginning it brings the boy back to just before he set off a trap or fell down from a height.
  • Great mind teaser and time killer game.

So, these are some awesome features of Limbo game. I am sure you can’t wait to download this game after reading these features, right? Yeah, don’t worry. You don’t have to wait long as just below this paragraph I have shared download link. Through that download button, you can download it with a single click on your phone.

Download Limbo Apk Latest Version for Android

So, finally, you wait is over. Now, it’s time to share Limbo Apk with you. As you can see there is a download button just below this paragraph. Through this button, you can download it with a single click on your smartphone. It will be the latest version which we have shared in this link, so no need to worry about the outdated version.

We hope you are able to download Limdo Apk from the download button shared above. But, if you are facing any issue or problem in downloading, feel free to comment down below. We will update the link as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, so that you can download the latest version anytime from here.

Requirements to Play Limdo:

Many people get confused in thinking will this game run or not on my phone? Maybe you are one of those. If you are, then no need to worry because there is no special requirement to play limbo on Android. It is very easy to install and play. To solve all of your confusions, we are sharing a list of all required things.

  • Android Phone (having 4.4 and higher version)
  • Limbo Apk Latest Version (Link Shared above)
  • Minimum RAM: 1GB

So, these are some basic requirements to play limbo on your device. Well, I don’t think there is anything special in this list. Still, we have shared as it’s our duty to solve all of your confusions. Now, you can easily install and play limbo on your Android phone. Below, we have shared installation steps for you.

How to Limbo Latest Version Apk on Android?

If you are searching to download Limbo Apk file then simply click on the download button. If you have not installed any apk file manually earlier on your phone you may find it bit hard. Don’t worry we will help you to get out of this problem. Here is the step by step guide with the help of which you can easily install the Limbo game from apk file on your phone.

  • First of all, go and download Limbo latest version apk file from button shared above.
  • After downloading process finishes, go to download folder and tap on the file.
  • Click on the Install button.
Install Limbo Apk
  • The installation begins, wait for a while.
Installation Started
  • Now, Limbo is installed successfully, click on Open button.
Open Limbo
  • After you have done everything, you can simply launch the game or play it later.

I have tried to explain each and everything in the simplest way I could and I don’t think no one will face any issue related to installation part. I hope you have set up your mind so far to get this cool game on your android phone. If not then don’t think much and download it right now from the button above.

Final Words

There are lots of paid games available on google play store where Limbo is on the top list. This game was launched about a year ago for the very first time. It has crossed over 500,000 downloads on play store do far now which is a very big thing. You can get a rough idea of its awesomeness with these facts. So that’s was all about Limbo Latest Version Apk, I am sure you have found it very interesting. I have tried almost everything in this article which was needed still if there is something lacking. Let me know in the comment section below. You may also like to check more apps and games like this on our website.

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Bruit bizarre

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Good game

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Do we need obb file

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