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Location Changer Apk is a fake GPS app which prevents other apps from tracking your location.

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Location Changer

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January 26,2023


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Every app uses Google Maps to track your location. Whenever someone asks for a location, it shows your accurate GPS location. But now you can change your location to any country and Fake the GPS. Location Changer Apk helps users to change their location virtually for their device. You can easily find and click on any location from the maps available in this app.

Location Changer Apk

You can save the location to your favourite to get the exact location again. Users can save unlimited locations in this app. Add the area code to the search option to get the most accurate location. Having static location generally makes GPS look fake, but Location Changer Apk allows users to move within the location to make it more realistic. Features such as Altitude, Speed and accuracy help Location Changer Apk mimic real GPS change.

Location Changer Apk

Generally, we move within a certain radius of our area, as you can do with this app. Put a radius area range and speed of movement with time, and the location will change automatically. Do note that this app is not a VPN and does not change the IP Address of the Device; it only changes the GPS for the device and Apps. 

Key Features of Location Changer Apk:

Location Changer App is a Fake GPS app developed by NetLinkd. This app helps you manually change the location of your mobile device. You can also randomize it to automatically move the location with speed and time. To know more about the features of Location Changer Apk, read below:

  • Change Location:

Location Changer Apk

You can accurately change the location by making this app your main GPS account rather than Google Maps. You can choose any location in the world and move randomly within the radius in real time virtually.

  • Fake GPS for all Apps:

Location Changer Apk

To use Location Changer Apk as the main GPS app, you must go to developer settings and make this app the main GPS app. Once you make this app’s main GPS account, your device location can easily change with Fake GPS.

  • Save Favourite Locations:

Location Changer Apk

To save your favourite location, click the Add to Favourite section, which will get saved in this app. If you want to find all saved locations, go to favourites and click on the accurate location you want.

  • Randomize change with Speed:

Location Changer Apk

If you want to make your GPS look like you are moving from one place to another, then you can use this feature. You can move your Realtime Fake GPS for all devices by randomising your speed with time and meters. Using this app, you can prank your friends and family by showing them fake current locations.

  • Change Map Type:

Location Changer Apk

Location Changer Apk provides two types of maps: Default and Satellite. You can use any map type and choose the location to show the fake GPS for your device.

  • Randomize Map Radius: 

Location Changer Apk

If you don’t want any accurate address of the location for GPS, then you can use randomised radius features. It changes the location radius within the meter of your input. You can change the metric unit from metre to foot from settings.

  • Search Location:

You can find any location from the map, but their accuracy depends on your click. But with the search option, you can type the exact location address and get it on the screen directly. You can use Area and Pin codes to find the most accurate location. 


Location Changer Apk provides fake GPS, which prevents other apps from reading the device’s location. You can also randomize the location and change it after some time easily. This app also helps you automate the location change and the rate of speed you want. You can precisely click on any location on the map, which will change your location status. Download Location Changer Apk and change your device location easily.

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