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This app allows you to keep your photos and videos safe by locking them behind a password.

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Name LockMyPix
Package Name com.fourchars.lmpfree
Category Photography  
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Version Gemini
Size 20.2 MB
Requires Android 5.0+
Last Updated December 2, 2023

Do you have a friend, relative or life partner who checks your image gallery without permission? Generally, we all have some secret and private pictures or videos which we like to hide from everyone. That’s where LockMyPix Pro Apk comes in to help you safely hide your private photos, videos and documents. There are so many amazing features in this app that will help you keep your every secret safe.

What is LockMyPix PRO Apk?

LockMyPix Pro apkLockMyPix PRO Apk is a photo vault app where you can keep your photos safely. This app keeps your data in encrypted form so that no one can open it. You can save unlimited images and videos in the Pro apk version. In case anyone wants to open the LockMyPix apk, their selfie will be taken immediately as a safety measure. Change the app theme and make it look like another app like radio, calculator, compass, etc. so that no one can get this app.

Features of LockMyPix Pro Apk:

Find exciting premium features of the LockMyPix Pro Apk app below!

Hide Secret Images and Videos

Lockmypix apk
Keep your personal photos & videos safe and secure from the eyes of miscreants who always open your mobile gallery first when they get your phone. LockMyPix apk keeps all your saved data in an encrypted form so that no one can find those images even after getting your SD card.

Your secret images and videos are unsafe in the photo gallery as every app has access to images these days—That’s why there’s a huge chance that your pictures are not safe digitally. There are lots of cybercrime occurring due to photo or video leaks these days. That’s why everyone should use the LockMyPix Pro apk to keep their Private images safe.

Decoy Fake Login

Bait the intruder who opens your LockMyPix app with fake picture albums that have normal photos. Keep more than one secret folder with different passwords for each and do fake login to show if anyone forces you to open LockMyPix apk. The decoy login feature is hardly seen in any other photo vault apk except the LockmyPix Mod apk.

Protect Photos with PIN, Password, Face, Pattern and fingerprint

Hide images
There are multiple ways to lock your image vault in the LockMyPix apk. Previously, only PIN, Password and pattern lock were present, but in the latest version of the LockMyPix app, you will find Face lock and fingerprint lock. If someone tries to open this app, then LockMyPix will instantly take a selfie of that intruder so that you can easily catch them redhanded.

100% Private and Safe

LockMyPix Pro Apk is 100% safe to use, and all your images are saved in an encrypted form which only you can see after unlocking this app. When you keep an image into LockMyPix apk, that image disappears from your SD card in image form and gets converted into an encrypted form which you can only find in this app.

Hide Unlimited Images and Movies

Lockmypix mod apk
In the premium version of LockMyPix, you can hide unlimited images, videos & documents. Create multiple albums and sub-albums to keep your sensitive data and images safe and secure. Hidden images can be seen through the LockMYPix Pro app only. No other apps can find or run those hidden images and videos as they get converted into encrypted data for safety.

Encrypted Backups

hide images In LockMyPix Pro Apk, AES CTR encryption is used. This encryption method is used primarily for government computer security to hide sensitive data from miscreants or enemies. AES CTR is more secure than any other encryption method. By encrypting all images and videos, they’ll be hidden in a way that only you can access them.

Hide the App

LockMyPix apk is very famous, and everyone knows that this app is used as a secret image vault. If you don’t want anyone to detect you have a secret photo vault in your smartphone, you can hide it by making it look like other apps. You can change the look of this app by making it into a fake calculator or FM Radio app.

Final Verdict

LockMyPix Pro Apk is one of the best apps to keep your images safe and secure. It’s very common for friends, siblings and spouses to go to your mobile’s photo gallery to see nostalgic photos, but it can be scary too if they find a sensitive or secret image that you don’t want them to see.

In that case, the LockMyPix app works the best and saves you from these unnecessary situations. Download the premium version of LockMyPix from LatestModAPKs.com for free and keep your private image safe!

Reviewed by: Marissa

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