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Enjoy the role play simulation game with easy controls to make your girlfriend happy with new outfits and enjoyable moments in Lost Life 2 Apk

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Name Lost Life 2
Package Name air.lostlife
Category Simulation  
Version 1.54
Size 171.7 MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Last Updated April 30, 2023

3.8 / 5. Vote count: 87

Lost Life 2 Apk is an adult game with role-playing simulation characters. The storyline is simple yet enjoyable; all you have to do is keep your girlfriend happy. She’s alone in the house and doesn’t want to feel isolated. You can make her happy by delivering delicious food, new outfit items, and other accessories to the doorstep. Let her try new clothes, lingeries, and tempting items to look hot.

Lost Life 2 Apk

The game also has many sensitive scenes that aren’t appropriate for kids under 13; if you’re under 13, then only play this game with guidance. The game also has many puzzles that help you to find the correct items to make your girl happy. These puzzles can lead you to pass many game missions and take you closer to completing the given tasks.

The storyline of Lost Life 2 Apk

Lost Life 2 Apk is an adult game with 3D graphics and realistic background. The game has many intimidating and sensitive scenes to keep you warm. The storyline is fundamental; you must control your girlfriend’s emotions, who’s alone in the house. She feels scared and isolated so let her bring food items, clothes, or drinks to change her mood. You can provide her with hot lingerie to try, hot intimidating outfits to seduce you, and romantic music to heat the environment.

The game has several missions you can solve by completing the puzzles. The unsolvable mysteries have the keys to finding the right items for you girls and the key to passing the tasks. Lost Life 2 Apk has simple control buttons, and everything is available at your fingertips. With only a few clicks, you can perform any action. As it’s a simulation game, you’ll have a better grip over the controls and enjoy better graphics than any adult role-playing game.

Key Points of Lost Life 2

  • No Signup Required

You don’t have to register for this game, and it’s available for guests also with all the features and updates. You can start playing the game and save your data in the game. It will be safe and available until you delete the game from your system.

  • Try New Outfits

Hundreds of items are available in the outfits section that you can gift to your girlfriend. It includes tops, jeans, shoes, bras, and other lingeries. These items are seductive and help you in playing many role-playing characters.

Lost Life 2 Apk 1

  • Learn to Dance

You can play music for your girl to let her dance with a little bit of drinking. You can choose the moves you want her to do for you and add a pole for the lap dance and a bar to do the erotic dance for you.

  • Simple Controls

The control buttons are easy and smooth to use. You can control the movements, provide new gifts, and play several actions through the control buttons. These buttons are customizable, and you can add some extra moves on the screen for quick steps.

Lost Life 2 Apk 2

  • No Advertisements

The game doesn’t have any advertisements or promotional banners on the screen. You’ll get a clean and sleek environment where you can thoroughly enjoy private moments with your girlfriend without getting annoyed by the ads.

Final Words

Lost Life 2 Apk is one of the best role-playing games with simulation controls and graphics to keep you entertained for hours. You can enjoy several tasks, have a virtual girlfriend, and know the relationship tactics for a happy love life. You can share your experience in the comments to let others read your thoughts about the game.

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