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MatOk Live APK is best app to make new friends online.

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Name MatOk Live
Package Name com.sagadsg.user.mady507857
Category Social  
Version 1.1.464
Size 40.0 MB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated April 16, 2023

Do you want to make some good friends online? Well, you can surely make new friends which the Matok Live Apk. Matok Live Apk is pretty famous in Southeast Asian countries, especially Indonesia. Today it is tough for us to make new friends. 

As in this era, every day we learn about a recent outbreak of some deadly virus, it has become even more challenging for us to go outside and make new friends. But the question arises why we need to make friends.

Friendship is a concept that has been with us from the beginning of humankind. All these years, friends of any gender cast, religion, and form have changed and shaped our life to another level. If we philosophically think of friends, it is an altogether different perspective.

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As we are born, we are not allowed to choose our parents and family members, but we have the right to determine who is our best friends. In Indian sayings, it’s said that a book can be a good friend, but a good friend is no less than an entire library. With that said, let’s not deviate from our topic of discussion. That is why we need friends.

As time has evolved, friendship has changed due to the intense urbanization of our society. Instead of meeting our friends in person, we meet them on Instagram. But it is technically impossible to find new friends to make it possible; apps like Matok Live Apk have been completed. You can download the Matok Live Apk from the above link for absolutely free. 

Features of the Matok Live Apk

Matok Live Apk has many features which can be discussed all day long. But to keep the post short and straightforward, let’s take the top 10 parts of the Matok Apk.

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Random Live Video Call

You can make a live video call to random women around you. One can easily make friends by video calling random people who also want to meet new people. It is a fantastic opportunity to make like-minded friends who enjoy your company.

Not only does a video call make you more comfortable, but you can also easily understand who is on the other side of the video call and their apparent interests and intentions.


Once you are friends, you can chat with your favourite person on the Matok Apk. Well, you might be overwhelmed with this feature, but it is true that within a few mins, you can get familiar with a stranger and become good friends with her.


Send Gifts

If you enjoyed someone’s video call, you could send them gifts from the Matok Live Apk. You heard it right; you can spend time on skills they can redeem into real cash. What’s nobler than this? You can get the gifts from the store and pay for them with assistance. You can use any debit or credit card to buy gifts for your favourite person.

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It was our take on the Matok Live Apk. Do tell us your views about the app. It is the best app for making new friends online. Video chat apps are way more comfortable for us as we can trust them more than the conventional method. That said, it is our time to wrap up. Thank you for reading more about such apps. Check out the latestmodapks.

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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