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Modern Strike Online is a modern shooting game for Android users.

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Modern Strike Online

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Unlimited Ammo




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5.1 and up

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November 25,2022


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If you like playing Player V/s games, then the Modern Strike Online Mod apk is the perfect solution. Since the launch of PUBG mobile, many of our users have been playing it regularly, but most of us don’t know about the modern Strike online game being the oldest.


Features of Modern Strike Online

  • There are more than 7 First Person Perspective Shooting modes.
  • Modern Strike Online has more than 14 L to choose from
  • Multiple weapons and skins are added with every update.
  • You get daily free rewards for logging into the game.
  • You can play five players’ TDM matches, while all other apps provide four-person games
  • Character customisation is one of the best features in the modern Strike Online game.
  • Death March and bomb modes are also added in the latest update.
  • Play with 20+ characters which include SWAT fighter, battle medic, navy seal and a lot more

Pros and cons


Modern Strike Online Mod APK

Socialise online

The best way to make friends online is by using a game. Well, you can make friends easily by using auto-matching. It will add random people with some playing ability and level you have. You can use the mic feature to communicate.

Easy to control

The game has many versatile features which are very easy to control. And even a kid can play it.

High-Quality Graphics

Graphics of android games are improving day by day. But as time has passed,d the Modern Strike Online game has kept on improving the game’s graphic settings with every following update.


Modern Strike Online Mod APK

Highly addictive

As the game is made so wise, the game is highly addictive. Everyone loves to play these games. And slowly, the game becomes an addiction for everyone. Thus it is wise to be safe than sorry. There is also much news about kids stealing their father’s credit card to buy stuff in the game.

Modern Strike Online Mod APK can’t use it offline.

As the game is based on online servers, one must have a proper internet connection while playing the game. As many times we crave to play the game when we are not at home, it is a difficult task for us to play it. If you are thinking of playing on mobile data, you are probably mistaken, as the game requires high-speed data and high data usage.

High cost of skins and ammunition

It is one of the most common problems addressed by users. Firstly, the game is excellent but then later, as the level progress. Matching for online Match is between players who have bought a lot of ammunition from the store. It makes the opponents superior, thus becomes impossible to win. Here the Mod version of the Modern Strike Online Mod game comes in handy.

Connection error in Modern Strike Online

Connection error may be seen in the game while you are in a low network area with slow network speed. Another reason for slow data is the use of VPN and proxy servers. It will also reduce the ping of the servers. If you want to avoid connection errors, please play the game in the high-speed internet connection area.

FAQs Regarding Modern Strike Online Game

Q) Are Modern Strike weapons hack Available?

The answer is no, and please don’t fall into this trap, as they can get your account banned.

A) What I get in Modern Strike Online Mod APK

You get all skins unlocked with unlimited money.


In our view, Modern Strike Online Mod APK is one the best app for playing FPP matches with friends. Do tell us your opinions about the game. Also,o share the game with your friends and family. You can also find APKs of PUBG and other shooting games here.

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