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Moto Throttle Mod APK is a motorbike sound simulation app. If you are a motorbike fan, you must try this app once. In this game, you can listen to bike sounds seen in different types of bikes that variable power at all speeds. It makes the Moto Throttle Mod app so famous, as it has a variety of motorbikes used for the throttle sounds.

But you might be wondering why people want to hear these throttle sounds. Well, my answer is that the real bikers who love riding bikes love the sound of bikes and are fond of bike sounds, from normal sounds to the sound of high-quality bikes. Many bike lovers either buy bikes with desirable exhaust sound. Or they modify the motorcycle so that the sound of throttle from the exhaust is so loud that everyone around them must notice it. It is kind of a proud moment for all the bikers. It is the prime reason for the success of the Moto Throttle Mod APK.

Moto Throttle Mod apk

About Developer Anderson Horita

Anderson Horita is a famous moto bike app developer. Anderson has been developing apps since 2015 And has over 20 million downloads of all his apps on Google Play. Horita has produced more than 25 publicly available games. His most famous game is Moto Wheelie. Also, he has more than 500k plus ratings on all his apps. These developers also have a free website where people can play online games.

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Let’s discuss some quick features of the Moto Throttle Mod APK


Sounds from 125 ccs to 1000cc

Moto Throttle Mod apk feaureus

Few apps provide you with the sounds of the throttle of a bike. Even the present apps provide you with only a single sound. But on the contrary, the Moto Throttle Mod APK provided you with a variable bike capacity from 125cc, a regular bike, to exceptional sounds like 1000cc sounds of some premium bikes. Through this, you can easily experience the sounds of different low-end and high-end bikes.

Real sounds

Moto Throttle Mod apk

All the sounds you hear in moto Throttle APK are authentic bike sounds. Yes, you heard it right. Every sound you hear in this app is natural and is recorded at different speeds, from low to high, and then that e sounds are synchronised with the app. Well, in my view, it is a complicated process. Unlike this app, most other app uses Artificial Intelligence to do all this.

Time is taken to see until the engine Breaks

Moto Throttle Mod apk

Not only do you get to see the speed relationship with throttle sound, but also you can quickly see when the bike will start heating and when The engine will break it. All types of bikes are available in the simulator to test


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