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MoyaApp is a data-free messenger app to communicate with your loved ones in South Africa.

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Name MoyaApp
Package Name
Category Communication  
Version 7.0.6
Size 36.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated April 24, 2024

We need the internet or data to send messages. Is there an app that lets us do this for free? Yes, MoyaApp is a free app where you can text, share pictures and videos without using any data.


To send the message in MoyaApp, the sender and receiver both must have downloaded this app. You can also put images and video statuses just like Instagram stories in this app. If you put text status, it can also be read without data. MoyaApp is also connected to MyaPay, which lets you pay and receive money from MoyaApp Users. This app is free of cost and only works inside South Africa.


Besides messages, transactions and image sharing, you can also do video and audio calls to your friends and family, but that requires data. This app has many utilities, like news, Games, music, religion and much more, which makes this app all in one utility and communication app. 

Key Features of MoyaApp:

MoyaApp is a South African instant messaging app where you can send messages without data. This is an all-in-one app with multiple functions. Read MoyaApp’s detailed features below:

Share Status


The text status in MoyaApp can be sent and received without data. You can also send images and videos, but you will need data to send and open those. The text colour can be changed for status. The status can be seen only if the receiver has this app installed on their device.

Send Messages without Data

To send messages, you will either need data or a Text message package, which costs money. To send text messages via MoyaApp, you don’t need any data or SMS packages.

Video Calls, Voice Notes and image sharing

Texting is free, but you can also send video calls, Images, gifs, Voice notes and much more, but those will need data. The video messages will not get distorted like WhatsApp or Instagram. The video and audio calls are clear and require low data compared to other messaging apps.

Create Group with up to 500 Participants

You can create unlimited groups in this app. Generally, telegram and WhatsApp also allows user to create a group, but those need data. MoyaApp lets you create a group chat with 500 users. You can send and receive messages for free in groups too.

Read Global News


You can read African as well as world news in this app. News channels like Nigeria news, Zim News, Ethio News, Financial Times, NY Times, and much more are available in this app. You can read all these news websites without any subscription.

Play games

MoyaApp Games

If you are idle and want to play games offline, then MoyaApp provides many games which are very addictive. Games like HangApp, The Cube, Sudoku, Snake, Dice, The Not Quiz, Klondike Solitaire, Flappy Bird and many more are available in this app.

Read and Watch Live scores


If you are a sports fan, then MoyaApp Also provides sports news and live scores in this app. You can find all major game leagues and news related to them in this app. Major channels and websites like Soccer news, Espn, Boxing News, NBA Scores, Sky Sports, F1 News, Tennis News, Cricket news and many more.

Basic Utilities in MoyaApp


Most of the basic utility apps are available on our android devices these days but here, MoyaApp provides all amazing utility apps in one place without data. YOu can use Stopwatch, Notes, Calendo, Time Tracker, Fx Rates, Translkatopr, My Diary, Sci Calculator and much more.

Pros & Cons of MoyaApp


  • Send messages free of cost
  • Share images
  • Video call
  • Send and receive money


  • Only available for South African Mobile Numbers
  • Cannot share images without data
  • Video and Audio calls need Data


MoyaApp is an all-in-one messaging, Money transfer, Utilities, News, and Games app. This app is developed by Data free Africa Pty Ltd. The main motto of this app is to send messages without data. Data is expensive and not available to the whole mass in KSA. MoyaApp Makes Instant messaging easy and free of cost for all. Download the MoyaApp app and connect with your friends and family for free.

Reviewed by: Marissa

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