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Muff Apk is a dating simulation game with cute characters.

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November 29, 2022


3.8 / 5. Vote count: 6

Muff Apk is a dating-based simulation game. Muff is taken from My Ununsal Feline Friend, made with pinky pads. The game’s story is based on a feline alien who came to earth to find love. Your job is to help her learn about love and become friends with her. You can interact with other characters, and your decisions change the game’s story.

Muff Apk

Muff Apk is a lightweight gaming app which doesn’t require much space. It has 2d graphics, but the characters are lively and interactive, making this game interesting. You can zoom in on the game and see everything from close. As you progress in this game, you will meet many different characters from another world. You can change the name of your name and other characters too.


This game has erotic content, too, so it is advised that only adult gamers should play it. To provide a smooth gaming experience, all ads are blocked in this game. You can play Muff Apk both online as well as offline. You can also record the gameplay and keep track of each day in this game. Up to 3 different stories and gameplay you can save and load to play later in Muff App. 

Key Features of Muff Apk:

Muff Apk is a simulation game developed by Pinky Pads with multiple endings which change according to the decisions you make in the game. Learn more about the features of the Muff Apk below:


  • Cute Interactive Characters: There are many different characters in this game. You can name each character on your own as in their language, and you cannot pronounce them. These characters are cute, come from a different world, and possess cat-like ears and tails.
  • Real-time Decisions: You have to roleplay and talk to other characters with the options you got. Whatever option you choose and the decisions you talked, the story changes, and the relationship can either become better, or you might break up in this game.
  • Amazing Graphics: The graphics in this game is in 2d like anime but with higher quality. This game is more like an interactive manga where you can write the story’s ending with real-time decisions.
  • Multiple Date patterns: You can choose love or lust in this game. Your decisions will determine whether lust or love and the game’s storyline will change accordingly.
  • Catchy Storyline: There are many stories which come with different chapters. All stories get recorded, and you can also return to them and change them. The story is about an alien girl who came to earth to learn about love as an assignment. 
  • Save and load up to 3 gameplay: There are only three storyline save options where you can save your game and come back to it and play from where you had left off.
  • No Ads: This game has no ads. No subscriptions or in-app purchases make the gameplay smooth without disturbance.


Muff Apk has a huge list of the chapter which changes according to the decisions you make. This game is focused on dating simulation where you meet a girl from another world who wants to learn about love and lust. Your job is to teach about love to that alien. Download Muff Apk and date an alien with amazing graphics and an interactive storyline.

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