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My City Hotel is a simulation game where you manage the hotel.

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My City Hotel

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December 9, 2022


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If you are searching for a casual game where you can manage all hotel services, such as a restaurant, Honeymoon suite, spa and family room, then you are at the right place. My City Hotel Apk is a simulation game where you can expand and manage all hotel activities as a manager. You can also hire staffs who will help you manage your hotel easily. Eight unique characters in this game will act as your hotel staff.

My City Hotel Apk

My City Hotel Apk is made for kids from 5 to 16 years of age. This game’s interface is simple, making the gameplay and features easy to understand. The graphics are 2D and good-looking. You can create new food recipes and offer multiple services for families and couples staying in your hotel. You can also move to the rooftop and bring your customers where you can provide refreshments and juice with good scenery.

My City Hotel Apk

For check-in and reception, you can hire your employees. You can also play this game online with other players and manage the hotel together. If your hotel is at a loss due to the low number of customers, you can bring musicians, provide live music, and give discounts on the restaurant. This game has no 3rd party ads, even while playing online.

Key Features of My City Hotel Apk:

My City Hotel game is developed by My Town Games Ltd and consists of various characters and rooms. You can serve your guests tasty food and spa services too. There are many amazing features in My City Hotel Apk, which you can read below:

My City Hotel Apk

  • 20+ Characters: There are more than 20 characters who are regular in this game. Some of them can be made employees. Every character is unique and different from others. You can also find kids in this game who come with families. You can serve them chocolates to make customers happy.
  • Try Different Clothes: You can change the appearance of your staff. Purchase the clothes from the shop and try them on your staff to make them look good. You can also wear accessories like caps, necklaces, earrings, and specs.
  • 8 Locations in the Hotel: There are 8 locations in your hotel, such as Reception, Lobby, Family Room, Restaurant, Spa, Honeymoon Suite, Rooftop and Spa Reception. You can put 1 to 2 employees in each part of your hotel to manage customers and automate all processes in your hotel.
  • Play Online with Friends: To play this game online with friends, you can sign up with Facebook and share an invite link with your friends to play together. You can also play with other online friends by finding them online with the username.
  • Simulates day/night: This game has all five seasons and climate changes which occur after some time. It also mimics the day and night cycle, making this game realistic and interesting.
  • Manage Guests: Guests will come in front of your hotel. You can pick them up and their luggage directly or keep a staff who will bring their bags to their room. You can keep track of each employee and provide everything they need on time.
  • Solve Puzzle: There are puzzles on every level on the wall of your hotel, which can be solved easily if you impress the guests with your amazing service.


My City Hotel Apk is a simulation game specially made for kids. You can play this game as your virtual doll house. You can serve the guests and earn money from your hotel. There are Restaurants, Spa, Rooftop, a Lobby and other places where you can bring in new customers. Generally, you can manage your hotel by hiring good staff. Download My City Hotel Apk and grow your hotel business.

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