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MyHeritage Apk lets you check your ancestry and build your family tree heritage.

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Do you want to discover your ancestry and explore your genealogy? MyHeritage apk can help you with this and much more. You can explore your family roots. Users can find new relatives and make astonishing discoveries with the inbuilt family tree maker and ancestry search tools on the MyHeritage apk. You can join a global community of users and discover your genealogy. 

MyHeritage Apk

MyHeritage apk is an app that lets you build your family tree, make instant Family History Discoveries, Find Your Ancestors in Historical Records, Enrich Your Family Tree with Photos, and MyHeritage DNA test. These features altogether help you analyse your family roots and trace your Ancestry.


Features of MyHeritage apk:

MyHeritage App

  1. Build Your Family Tree: you can simply start your family tree by entering a few names, and MyHeritage’s family tree maker will take care of the rest. The matching technology automatically finds new information for you from their diverse collection of 81 million family trees built by users from all over the world and in their huge database of 15.7 billion historical records. You can then simply watch your family tree come to life.
  2. Make Instant Family History Discoveries: MyHeritage can simply match your family tree to other family trees and historical records. And hence provide you with new insights about your ancestors. 
  3. Find Your Ancestors in Historical Records: My Heritage lets you explore your family history and ancestral tree through a vast database of 15.7 billion historical records collected from around the world. These historical record collections include vital records such as birth, marriage, and death certificates from 66 countries; census and immigration records; gravestone and burial records, etc. You can search millions of historical newspapers, yearbooks, and other valuable historical documents that are not found anywhere else. 
  4. Deep Nostalgia: With this feature, your historical family photos will come to life, and you’ll be able to see your ancestors’ faces move! Deep Nostalgia allows you to animate the faces in historical photos. So you can create short videos. And you can feel like your family’s history is being recreated right before you.
  5. Enrich Your Family Tree with Photos: My Heritage lets you capture and share your family memories be they old or new. Scan your family photos directly from the inbuilt AI-based photo tools. You can even repair scratched or damaged photos, colourise black and white photos, and bring blurry faces into focus with the MyHeritage Photo Enhancer. You can record the stories behind your family photos with the Photo Storyteller and preserve them for generations to come.
  6. MyHeritage DNA test: your DNA is your unique ethnic makeup. The test consists of a simple cheek swab. These tests reveal where your ancestors came from across 2,114 geographic regions. It also matches you to relatives you never knew existed from the DNA database of 5.2 million people. View your DNA results on the app; they’re completely safe.


MyHeritage apk is a great app to know your roots and ancestry. You can also enrich and live old images of your ancestors easily. Download the app now and create your own family tree, and know your ancestral background. 

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