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NiX Injector Apk is a free Mobile Legends Bang Bang skins and background injector.

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Name NiX Injector
Package Name com.patcher
Category Tools  
Version 1.81
Size 8.4 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated September 21, 2023

4.4 / 5. Vote count: 7

We all have played Multiplayer online battleground games once in our life. The best MOBA game is none other than MLBB or also known as Mobile Legends bang bang. If you want to increase the thrills and uniqueness in your MLBB game, then NIX Injector Apk is right there for you. Now you can change the Skins and Effects, Drone views and much more with this app.

NIX Injector Apk

NIX Injector Apk has hundreds of skins available to inject it in your mobile legends bang bang directly. This injector is totally legal to use. There are new updates every week with new Skins and effects on MLBB. You can also create your own skin with multiple available game skins in NIX Injector Apk.

NIX Injector Apk

With NIX Injector Apk, you can easily change and customise the Kill, Respawn, Recall and Elimination effects in the Mobile legends Bang Bang game. You can inject the customised skins and effects with one click. This app is easy to use and does not have ads. If you are a professional gaming streamer and want to have the MLBB game from a drone view, then you can use NIX Injector APk’s drone effects. 

Key Features of NIX Injector Apk:

NIX Injector App is the one and only Mobile Legends Bang Bang Apk injector. Besides the skin, different effects and camera views make the game better. Read the distinguished Features of the NIX Injector below:

  • Unlock Skins

NIX Injector

With the help of Nix Injector Apk, you can choose from hundreds of MLBB Skins. You can also have amazing characters who look totally different with unique skins. Mobile legend players can also paint and change the colours of the skins.

  • Customize Skins

Create your own unique skins with the clothes, head gears and other outfits available on NIX Injector. You can either choose the available outfits or mix them and create your own designs. Customising the skins will provide you wide variety of skin designs.

  • MLBB Effects

NIX Injector

N.I.X. Injector app provides amazing effects that make Mobile legends gameplay more exciting. You can unlock the recall, Unlock Respawn, Unlock Elimination and Notification Kill effects. Users can choose the effects to show on the screen whenever they kill or respawn. You can also unlock the elimination effect that will create the effects of your choice when you eliminate any player.

  • Game Cheats

NIX Injector

NIX Injector provides various game cheats that help you excel in the game easily. Those cheats are legal and exceptional for each and every situation. These cheats help you win games easily. 

  • Easy to use

NIX Injector

To inject any skin, effects or cheats, you just have to click it once, and you can see that your MLBB game has now changed. This App is tried and tested by many gamers. Just put your Mobile legends user id and password to inject the skin and use 100+ outfits and effects in your game.

  • Drone View

You might have multiple camera angles available on the car racing game. Similarly, you can get the drone view which lets you see your games from different viewpoints.


NIX Injector Apk is an MLBB character skin injector. This also changes the camera angles of the drone setup. You can also create your own effects and dress skins. If you still haven’t downloaded or updated Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, then right here, LatestModApks is there for you!

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