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Null's Rush is a multiplayer battle royale similar to clash of clans.

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November 16, 2022


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Null’s Rush is an online multiplayer strategy game. You’ll find Null’s Rush quite similar to clash of clans as both of these games are developed by Supercell. Null’s Rush is a casual yet competitive game; when you cross ranks, you’ll get more intense & exhausting competition. Even though the visuals are not that high-end still, the gameplay will make overall null’s rush game very eyecatching.

With a game size of 100 Mb, you will get the best arcade game with tons of exciting features and characters to play. Win wars & collect gold coins to build a lab. With the help of the lab, you can build and unlock troops and commanders.

To upgrade your headquarters, you will require HQ, which you’ll get after winning games consistently. When you start Null’s Rush game app, you will find a chopper there whose sole purpose is to help you reach other maps location to attack the opponent base and loot their gold base.

Null’s Rush apk is a PvP online real-time game where you can only put 6 units of troops at the first stage. After winning gold coins and XPs, you can quickly increase your troop size, Commanders, and defence cards.

Features of Null’s Rush Apk:

Get up to 40 diversified characters to play Null’s Rush and raid Enemy’s base with new and unique maps. The overall look of this game might be similar to Clash of clans, but its features and gameplay are different and unique. Find the most extensive features of Null’s Rush wars apk below!


Null’s Rush is a Fast-paced multiplayer game. All you have to do is raid enemy bases and eradicate them completely. After that, take their gold from goldmines and collect it in your base. Once XP increases, you can easily upgrade your chopper and base, which will further help you in recruiting more numbers of troops.

Overall The gameplay of Null’s Rush is like a clash of clans, but you have to use different strategies here with a different set of rules.

Weapons & Defenses

Null’s Rush has around 15-20 spells which you can count as a defence for your own base and attacks the enemy’s base. Name of some of the weapons are Arcade, Boost, Heal, Fridge, Invisibility, Paratroopers, Satellite, Bomb, Box ninja, Cluster cake, Cannon, Dummy, Freeze mines, Gatling, Mortar, Mines, Plasma gun, Plumber Hole, Rocket traps, Tesla, Walls, etc.

The most common one is an arcade which is a rocket, while the most expensive one is a Plasma gun. Choose your own squad and help them with these weapons to capture the enemy’s territory. Defend your base with such mighty and amazing weapons, all at Null’s Rush.

Red Barrel Explosions

You can easily find the red-coloured, Highly explosive barrel, which explodes when it gets hit. When red barrel blasts, it also minimizes the health bar of those who are near & surround by that barrel blast zone. Hitting a barrel is one of the most tricky ways to beat an opponent, especially when your troops are weak. The red barrel is a boon to you and a bane for your enemies.

Troops & Commanders

There are around 47 types of troops present in Null’s Rush apk, from common to extremely rare. You can easily upgrade or unlock them with Gold that you loot after winning wars. Here is the list of some of the most common and famous characters of Null’s Rush: Troopers Pitchers, Shield, Tank, Bazooka, Hotshots, Jetpacks, Gorilla, Lazer, Plumber van, Rocket truck, Sneaky Ninja, Boxer, Helipad, Henchman, Blaze & Kung Fu.

Meanwhile, Commanders are the main strategic force as they generally have more strength and healing power compared to troops. Bear man, Coach, Lady grenade, Mother & B.I.G are the only commanders present in Null’s Rush. Just choose from any of these amazing troops, characters, and commanders and win wars by applying intelligent strategies.Limited but

High-end graphic

Null’s Rush has cartoonish-type graphics, which is its only con but the levels, characters, and online in-game engagements with the enemy hide all its backdrops. There are different maps and areas in Null’s rush apk too. For example, Megacity, Area 54, etc.

If you compare this game with other counterparts, you’ll find that this doesn’t show any in-depth or story-based arcade-like Clash of clans. But still, a great game to unleash your rage with 50+ characters, weapons, and maps.


Null’s Rush is a power-packed arcade game with a slight tinge of strategic planning and action with PvP real-time gaming mode. Those who are a fan of games like Brawl Stars, Clash of clans, or Boom Beach will gain the experience of everything in it. Download for free and enjoy the real gaming rush with Null’s Rush Apk.

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