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Numberbook apk is a caller id checker for android.

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Name Numberbook
Package Name com.mobiles.numberbookdirectory
Category Communication  
Version 4.1.9
Size 19.2 MB
Requires Android 8.0
Last Updated September 21, 2023

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Numberbook Apk is a free app that one can use to check details about various contacts. Numberbook is a phonebook application that is right now in your phone. But instead of the default phonebook application, it has many more advanced features which one can use. It is an open-source database with contacts scraped from various sources such as apps on which the data is saved and a lot more we will discuss in the following part. The app has over 100K downloads and is top-rated on the latestmodapks.


How it works

The working of the Numberbook Apk is pretty simple. As mentioned above, it works on an open source database which is made by various sources such as directories that are available online, from contacts saved in the phone of the person who uses it. The app is updated in real-time to provide more and more accurate information. Today it has millions of contacts.
Some of you might think the app resembles the app named Truecaller. But it’s not just my opinion; it’s public opinion too that it’s way better than the Truecaller apk.

Number book

Let me explain to you. Firstly Truecaller is a freemium application with a lot of spam and ad,s which annoys the users. Still, instead of using ads and continuous spamming,g the Numberbook Apk has a crowdfunding model with 0 spam and ads policy. Also, it is said that behind closed doors, Truecaller sells its users’ data. As it’s said, “Nothing Is Free In This World.”

Features of the Numberbook Apk

Number book

Call identification

Call identification is a handy feature of the Numberbook Apk that one can use to identify unknown calls. One can quickly check for the name also the location of the caller. If the call is regarding business, then the person’s name is also mentioned. It dramatically helps when fraud and spam calls are a significant part of your daily calling history.

Block spam calls


Do some telecalls made with a speed of 1000 calls per day? They are all automated sales calls. Such calls are just made to annoy normal users like us. In the post, it has happened to me many times that when I am driving, I get a lot of spam calls, making it very difficult for me to concentrate.

Robust fraud reporting system

Numberbook Apk has a robust fraud reporting system based on community-based fraud reporting. Let’s understand how it works when you get a call; the Numberbook Apk asks you to fill in the name of the person who called you. There is also an option that helps you add fraud call tags.


With features like reporting, privacy protection, and arching contacts and businesses nearby, numberbook apk is a great app. You can use this app to improve your day-to-day task. If you agree with our post, do share it with your friends. It is a great app to use as it provides detailed info about all the numbers in the database. Always provide permission for the app by keeping in mind that the app is not available on the Playstore and might cause data loss as it’s said privacy comes at a cost.

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