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Make your browsing smart, safe, and private while saving 90% on data consumption with Opera Mini: The faster web browser.

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Name Opera Mini
Package Name com.opera.mini.native
Category Communication  
Version 83.1.2254.73239
Size 46.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated July 18, 2024

Over the past few years, tremendous progress has been made in various fields aimed at improving people’s well-being and boosting the economy, particularly in the realm of advanced technology, such as digitalization, smart gadgets, artificial intelligence, and internet connectivity.

These advancements have seen rapid expansion, and now, almost everyone has access to government and public services through their smartphones online, including social, financial, health, and educational services.

Opera Mini Apk

However, the extensive use of online platforms also presents significant challenges, particularly in the area of cybersecurity, which raises concerns about privacy and user security. A secure and private browser is required to address these issues, and Opera Mini offers just that. As a fast web browser, Opera Mini provides users with features such as file sharing, trending news, funny videos, and ad blocking for a comfortable browsing experience.

About Opera Mini: A Fast & Secure Internet Browser

With over 25 years of experience in the web browser industry, Opera Mini has established itself as a top browser with more than 350 million monthly active users. This fast and lightweight web browser, compatible with nearly all devices, offers much more than just internet browsing.

Opera Mini Apk

In addition to internet surfing, users can enjoy offline file sharing, live cricket updates, breaking headlines, funny videos, and an ad blocker. So why settle for Chrome, Samsung, or your device’s default browser? Experience a new world of internet exploration with Opera Mini.

Why should you consider Opera Mini browser?

  • Adequate Data Saving: The Smart Browsing Mode inside the app lets you experience fast browsing even on slow internet speeds by choosing optimal settings according to your network, thereby saving up to 90% of your data consumption.

Opera Mini Apk

  • Native Ad Blocker: Opera Mini offers a built-in ad blocker to smoothen your browsing experience and eliminate annoying ads. This feature helps reduce your data usage and provides protection against hidden malware ads for a safer browsing experience.

Opera Mini Apk

  • Safe & Private Browsing: Now, visit any web page safely with the app’s private mode, which ensures the complete deletion of your history and cookies once you leave the page. Click on the given tab and switch between normal and private modes.

Opera Mini Apk

Features of Opera Mini: Connect with the browser you truly deserve

Opera Mini brings power-packed features that transform your web browsing experience entirely.

  • Customize your Browser: Customize your browser with Opera Mini’s layout, theme, and navigation options. Select your preferred topic categories to give a unique dimension to your browsing experience.

Opera Mini Apk

  • Speed Dials: Keep your favourite or popular sites at your fingertips with the Speed Dial feature that makes the process convenient for fast access to your recommended sites.

  • Video Player: Now watch or listen live to any video or audio file and download it later. Opera Mini brings the convenience of a video player with a one-handed mode option ideally suited for mobile use and integrates with your Download manager.

  • Smart Downloading: Now you don’t need the IDM tool anymore because, in the app, you get the option of smart downloading, which after visiting your site, automatically scans it and collects all the downloadable media in the background.

  • Offline File Sharing: With Opera Mini’s offline file transfer option, transferring videos, audio, APKs, and document files to another device has become more accessible. This feature allows the transfer of files 200 times faster than Bluetooth technology.

  • AI-Powered Local News System: Now get all the news content personalized by you with the app’s AI news engine that provides a comprehensive collection of all local news from around your native area.

Final Word

Opera Mini is one of the best browsers on Android and iOS platforms which provides you with fast browsing, privacy and security along with features like file transfer, trending news and ad blocker.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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