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Be a professional gamer! Play All Royale Battle Games On Your Mobile Phone With Keyboard And Mouse Support Without being Banned With Panga Mouse Pro Tool.

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Name Panda Mouse Pro
Package Name com.panda.mouse
Category Tools  
Version 5.6.1
Size 9.3 MB
Requires Android 4.4 and up
Last Updated July 19, 2024

Are you one of the many gamers who yearn to play battle royale games such as COD, Fortnite, PUBG, and Free Fire on your mobile device? Do you seek a solution or “jugaad” that will allow you to use a keyboard and mouse without detection by other players? If so, prepare yourself for the Panda Mouse Pro tool, developed to enhance the skills of professional gamers such as yourself.

Panda Mouse Pro Apk

With this tool, you can become a master player of all battle royale titles by simply attaching your keyboard and mouse to your smartphone using minimal attachments(USB Hub & OTG). With no need to fear being banned, you can amaze your opponents with quick reflexes and reactions.

About Panda Mouse Pro: A Professional Key Mapper Tool

Panda Mouse Pro is a key mapper tool developed by “Panda Gaming Studio” for Android devices that allows gamers to attach a keyboard and mouse to play battle royale games. This tool acts as a key mapper within various games.

By which gamers can play PUBG, COD, and Free Fire games like pro gamers by using USB Hub and OTG cable to attach PC peripherals (keyboard & mouse) to their Android devices.

Panda Mouse Pro Tools is a living example of the technological advancements that have made today’s PC-level gameplay experiences possible for mobile gamers. Now you do not need any cloning technique to play the games, due to which the risk of a player ID ban is always hovering. One thing to remember, this tool only supports a keyboard and mouse! The Gamepad Controllers is not compatible with this tool.

Features of Panda Mouse Pro Tool

🐼 Enjoy PC-Style Gameplay on your Smartphone

Experience the full potential of PC gameplay for all Battle Royale games on your mobile device with the Panda Mouse Pro Tool. This innovative tool seamlessly utilizes computer peripherals such as keyboards & mouse on mobile devices, enabling you to elevate your gaming experience to a professional level. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can wirelessly connect the tool. Which eliminating the need for cumbersome wire connections and providing greater flexibility for your gaming sessions.

Panda Mouse Pro Apk

🐼 Seamless Integration of Mouse & Keyboard

Players can configure a vast range of settings in Panda Mouse Pro Tools. So that they can enhance their gaming experience by keymapping the controls to their preferences and setting the buttons at the right location. This tool supports almost every PC peripherals brands so that you can make the pro gaming experience cost-effective.

🐼 Support Wireless Connectivity

If your device supports Bluetooth connectivity, you can enjoy wireless usage of the Panda Mouse Pro Tool. Eliminating the inconvenience of wire tangles and limited range constraints. This app supports all connectivity on a standalone basis without needing third-party applications. However, if you prefer wired connections, attachment devices such as OTG and USB Hub enable easy connection of PC gears to your phone.

🐼 Anti-Duplication and Banning

Unlike other key-mapper tools, Panda Mouse Pro Tool does not use cloning technology. Which puts gamers more at risk of getting banned from various platforms. Now enjoy the game without any hesitation or disappointment.

Process to activate Panda Mouse Pro Tool

Pc Activation Method

If you have a PC, you can activate the tool using this “” website and follow all the steps.

Mobile-to-Mobile Activation

First, enable the “USB Debugging” option in both of your devices.  Then connect your devices to each other with the help of OTG and use the “Adb To Otg” app. You need to type this command “sh /sdcard/.chaozhuo.gameassistant2/” has to be run. You can use the internet or YouTube to gather the rest of the detailed information.

Final Conclusion

Panda Mouse Pro Tool provides you the facility of keyboard & mouse support for mobile games. Lastly, Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with Google Play Login and No Ban functionality.

Reviewed by: Robby Arli

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