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Papers, Please Apk is a roleplaying game based on immigration.

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Name Papers Please
Package Name com.llc3909.papersplease
Category Role Playing  
Version 1.4.12
Size 41.9 MB
Requires Android 5.0 and up
Last Updated September 23, 2023

Papers, Please Apk is an award-winning roleplaying game. In this game, you have to work as a border inspector. You aim to remove all smugglers, thieves, terrorists and criminals by rejecting their immigration. This game has an amazing storyline and pixelated graphics, which makes the game likeable. Besides working as a border inspector, you can also do other government-based tasks in the game to earn money.

Papers, Please Apk

You can easily find the difference between real and fake documents. In fake documents, most of the time, the birth date, name, and photo might differ from what you have in your database. You can also check fingerprints and lie detectors to find some culprits. This game is based on the virtual Communist state of Artotzkan. This state has lost the war with a neighbour country. After losing way, the enemy takes one part of this country. Now many immigrants and visitors come from that part of the state taken by enemies.

Papers, Please Apk

The gameplay and interface are very simple. You have to inspect their identity proof given by the Ministry of admission. With your approval and denial, those immigrants and visitors can enter the Artorzkan. This game is free of cost and does not have pop as while playing online.

Key Features of Papers, Please Apk:

Papers, Please Apk is a roleplaying game developed by 3909. It has the most awards for its realistic gameplay and storyline. The graphics are pixelated, but you can still get the thrill of becoming a border security in charge. To know more about the Papers, Please Apk read below:

Papers, Please Apk

  • Border Inspector: In this game, you will get the job of Border Inspector through LabourLottery by the communist state. They will provide a new home for you and your family. Your job is to check the identity card and passport of every incoming tourist and resident from Post Arstotzka countries like Grestin.
  • Amazing Storyline: The storyline of this game is taken from the dissolution of the USSR, which led to the collapse of the Soviet Union. Similarly, you will find the communist state of Arstotzka, which lost some of its part in the war with the neighbouring Kolechia. Now you have to control the flow of incoming immigrants from that border town that you lose in war. Your main is to separate hidden spies, terrorists and smugglers from actual visitors and immigrants.
  • Award-Winning RPG Game: Papers, Please Apk is an award-winning game with accolades from the Forbes magazine, the New Yorker, BAFTA, Wired Magzine, IGF, Gamecity, Lara Game awards and others for its unique gameplay and excellent design.
  • Find the Smuggler and terrorists: To find criminals from all immigrating people, you must check the documents provided by the Ministry of Admission. You can easily find the criminals by suspecting their birth, birthplace, fingerprints, photos and much more.
  • Vintage Style Graphics: The graphics are 2D and pixelated, giving you nostalgia for old games. Even though the graphics are unclear, you can still enjoy it as it gives the vibe of a communist nation. The graphics make the storyline and gameplay interesting.


Papers, Please Apk is a top roleplaying game where you aim to inspect the people coming into your country. The story is based on the communist state of Arstotzkan, which has been divided into many small republics. You can get the feel of the Soviet Union Collapse, which led to creation to the birth of many post soviet nations in Europe and Asia. Download Papers, Please Apk and become border Incrage police and accept or reject the entry passport based on the legitimacy of their identity card.

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