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Parchisi Star Mod apk is good board game for android.

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Name Parchisi Star
Package Name
Category Board  
MOD Features Unlimited money and No Ads
Version 21121.21021.212321
Size 15.3 MB
Requires Android 4.4
Last Updated June 22, 2024

Parchisi Star Mod Apk is today a trending keyboard. With the increased time we spend on our phones, all our friends, family, and time are now with our phones themselves. At the same time, everything is online; the games we play with friends are also online. One of the best examples is the parchisi star mod apk, an online variant of Ludo. It is trendy in India and other Spanish-speaking countries like Spain and Brazil.

Parchisi Star apk

Ludo is an ancient game that was made in India. In this game, the person is supposed to get all his four tokens to his house while others will try to stop him repeatedly. Now that’s just a brief. Let’s get into the details about the parchisi star game. In this game, four players are denoted by different colours like red, green, blue, and yellow. Each player has four tokens, and everyone gets one chance to roll the dice. You must get a 6 to open your tokens. Also, whenever you hit a six, you get an extra chance. You also get extra chances to kill other players’ tokens. You also get an additional option when your token gets into the home.

It was just a brief introduction to the game; you have to play it yourself to feel the adrenaline rush in your body. With a simple 2d animation, the game is no less than a war. In the parchisi star mod apk, you can use it to play even with six players, while all other Ludo games are limited just to 4 players. Now with this brief introduction, let’s dive into the deep details of the Parchisi Star Mod Apk, including the features, benefits, and other kinds of stuff.

Parchisi Star apk

Features of Parchisi Star mod APK

There are a lot of features in the parchisi star mod apk, but to keep the post short, we will provide you with top features.

Six player mode

Today we will tell you the most iconic features of Parchisi Star Mod Apk has a 6-player mode where the square of the Ludo game is turned into a circle. It is working in pass-n-play mode only.

Parchisi Star apk

Unlimited coins and gems

You can get unlimited coins and gems in the Parchisi Star Mod. With this, you can also use all your treasures to upgrade the dice and get different frames to show off.


Online and offline mode

Parchisi Star Mod has perfect online and offline modes. In offline mode, you can do pass-n-play. In pass-n-play, you can play with a maximum of six people. You can also play in offline mode with the computer. But in an online way, the Parchisi Star game has features such as messages, and also you can send online voice chats.


Parchisi star mod apk is an excellent app with many features you don’t even get in your real-life game. It is a must-have game with features like playing online with multiple players, chatting voice messages, and the most iconic 6-player game. Every Indian should download the parchisi star game to fulfil their pass-time needs. For more such apps to download, you can tune in to the latestmodapks.

Reviewed by: Aditia Alting

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