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Enjoy the experience of being alone and haunted at dark silent missions, complete the tasks to unlock new locations with Playdead's INSIDE Apk

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PlayDead Inside

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2.2 and up

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November 16, 2022


2.9 / 5. Vote count: 14

Inside Apk is an adventure game where you can enjoy silent dark missions with unique puzzles to solve and much more. Explore the world full of fears and new challenging tasks to unlock recent achievements. The storyline is excellent, and you will enjoy the Black & White combination of graphics because it makes the horror missions even scarier.

It’s a lightweight game, and you can install this on any android smartphone. Enjoy the daily challenges to explore new locations and solve puzzles to increase your IQ levels. The game doesn’t have any dialogues; it’s a simple game where you must keep moving forward to find new dares.

Playdead Inside

What’s PlayDead’s Inside Apk?

Inside Apk is a horror adventure game where you must pass different missions to unlock the achievements. There will be 50+ missions with silent and dark adventures. Explore the new locations in every challenge to feel the nightlife experience and visit a haunted place. The graphics and animations are mainly in Black&White filter to make the situations even more suspenseful and scarier.

You can use the control buttons for the characters moving forward to any location and dealing with scary moments. The missions are intense, and you must focus on every little detail to solve the puzzles. To reach the next level, you must complete the previous puzzles, so be active in the game and enjoy the experience of playing a horror game.

Features of PlayDead’s Inside Apk

The game has many unique highlights to make this game even more enjoyable. The list of all the significant highlights is shared below.

  • Intense Missions

The missions are very challenging, and you must focus on the tiny little things to solve the unique puzzles.

Playdead Inside

  • Realistic Sound Effects

The sound effects and graphics are incredibly realistic with the Black&White filters. You’ll indeed feel the thrill while exploring a new place.

  • Easy Control Buttons

The buttons are customizable, and all you have to do with the control is to make your player move forward and do some actions.

  • Unique Storyline

The storyline is quite simple and has many challenging missions in the journey. Complete all the tasks to finish the game as it is supposed to be.

Playdead Inside

  • Lightweight Game

The game doesn’t consume much space from your smartphone, and you can install and enjoy PlayDead’s Inside Game app on any phone.

How to Install PlayDead’s Inside Apk?

  • Click on the download button to get the latest version of Inside Apk.
  • Hit the install button and wait for the processing to finish.
  • Open the game and skip the registration process.
  • Start the first mission and choose your character.
  • Explore the new missions that deal with daily challenges to enjoy the gameplay.

Final Words

So this was all about the game PlayDead’s Inside Apk we hope you guys love dark and silent missions and enjoy the tasks. If you have any questions about this game or the assignments, feel free to share your words with us.

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