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PLAYit Apk is an all-in-one video and Audio player that supports every video format.

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November 16, 2022


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Are you in search of an all-in-one Audio and Video Player? PLAYit apk supports all formats of videos and audio, whether its .amv, .flv, .obb, .mp4, .3gp, .mkv, etc. Besides being one of the best audio and video players, the PLAYit app also ley your share files quickly to other android devices and PCs.

Playit Apk

PLAYit apk also lets users equalize the music and convert videos into Mp3. You can also change the playback speed up to 2X in both audio and video. Since we are unable to play youtube videos in background as whenever we close, the mobile video stops. That’s where PLAYit comes to the rescue. You can play Youtube videos in the background easily.

Playit App

PLAYit also lets you download videos and images from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, etc. You can manage your data and create folders directly from this app. This app supports video quality from 144k up to 4K HD.

Key Features of PLAYit Apk:

PLAYit app has one million+ downloads on the Google play store, which makes this one of the most downloaded Videos and audio players. Below you can find some of the most amazing features of the PLAYit app.

Download Videos From Social Media:

download videos

This app lets users download videos and photos from social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and many more. The quality of video or photo doesn’t degrade from downloading. The download speed is also fast and takes less time to download.

Convert Videos and save them to MP3:


PLAYit apk has an inbuilt MP3 converter, so you don’t have to download it separately. This feature helps your convert your videos into audio. Suppose you have a music video and your want it in audio; you can directly do it on this app. This Video converter also lets you download audio from videos on social media online.

Private Folder:


Once you authorise the Playit app to set a private folder, you can hide all your files in it. We all have some files which we want to hide. to hide files and folders, we download a separate file hiding app. But here, you can get this feature inbuilt into the PLAYit app. You can lock and hide your files with fingerprint lock, Pin and Pattern lock.

Quick File transfer:

data transfer

This is not just a video or audio player but also helps you share files quickly. Playit app also works as a file transfer app. The transfers of large files and folders are usually quicker in this app compared to other counterparts.

Best Video Player:


This app is known form is video player mainly as you can increase and decrease the frame, Volime, brightness, pause. play, rewind all with simple clicks. This app supports all formats of videos.

Music player:


Besides converting Video to audio, Playit is an amazing audio player too. You can listen to all formats of audio on the Playit app. Users can also change the speed of play of songs. You can directly set any song as a ringtone from the Playit app. there an equaliser inbuilt to change the bass, tempo and reverb of songs.

Use all social media and Youtube in one place:

Besides downloading from social media, you can use them too. Playit app just works like a browser where you can use all social media and Youtube too. With these many features, the PLAYit app can proudly name itself as an all-in-one video and audio player apk.


Playit app is not only a Video and Audio player but also lets users convert video to audio, share files and folders and let you download images and videos from social media directly. Download the PLAYit apk and enjoy its amazing features.

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