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Pocket Incoming is a pokemon based roleplaying game with unique characters.

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March 3, 2023


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Pocket Incoming is an RPG game that combines elements of Pokemon with traditional RPG gameplay. Players that act as a trainer, collecting and training a team of pocket monsters (Pokemon) to battle against other trainers and wild Pokemon.

The game features various Pokemon to catch and train, each with unique abilities and stats. Players can also evolve their Pokemon to unlock new forms and abilities.

Pocket Incoming Apk

In addition to catching and training Pokemon, players can battle other trainers in real time. These battles occur on a 3×3 grid, with each Pokemon occupying one space. Players can use their Pokemon’s abilities to deal damage and gain an advantage over their opponent.

Pocket Incoming also features various outdoor environments, including cities, forests, Sports grounds and caves. As players advance through the game, they will encounter new types of Pokemon and battle more challenging trainers.

Pocket Incoming Apk

The game’s graphics are colourful and detailed, and the Pokemon are animated in a way that captures the spirit of the original Pokemon games. The game’s music and sound effects are also well done, adding to the immersive experience. Besides amazing Animation and music, this game also has an online battle mode where you can climb up the rankings and become the best pokemon trainer.

Key Features of Pocket Incoming Apk:

Pocket Incoming Apk is a roleplaying game where you catch and raise the pokemon. Pokemon also evolve after winning battles and getting XPs. To learn more about the exciting features of this game, read below:

Adventure Mode

Pocket Incoming Apk

The Adventure mode in this game will help gamers earn coins and XP, which they can use to purchase pokemons. These characters are also unlocked after you win each level of the game. In the adventure mode, you will find unique levels with puzzles and battles with a fantastic storyline.

Huge Collection of Pokemon

Pocket Incoming Apk

There are more than 100 pokemon characters available in this game. You will also find many characters that are unavailable in the pokemon series but available in its manga. 

You can purchase these characters with coins or collect them by winning the challenges in battle and adventure games. In this game, all popular pokemon characters are available such as Pikachu, Raichu, Squirtle, Charizard, Snorlax, Abra, etc. 

Evolve your Pokemon

Pocket Incoming Apk

There is various factor that helps in the evolution of Pokemon in this game. The trainer level also helps generate the XP, which will help evolve pets. 

The most significant benefit of an evolved pokemon is that they are more robust and help win the battle quickly. Each character in this game has various stages or levels of evolution that can be unlocked with either money or XP.

League Battle

Pocket Incoming Apk

The league Battle can be played online with the active player in real-time and with computer mods. The main difference between league battle and adventure mod is that in league battle, you can directly fight with other players, while adventure mode is puzzle based.

Online Battle

The Online battle is unlocked after you have at least 3 pokemon in this game. To achieve your first 3 pokemons, you can solve the initial 10 levels of the adventure mode. The online battle can also be played with friends through an invitation link. These online battle matchups are made according to the player’s level to provide an equal fighting opportunity.

High-Quality Graphics

The graphics are in 2d, but you can feel the anime with bright colours and fantastic background music. The graphics match its manga animation, and all characters look similar to its anime.

No Ads

Even though this is an online game, there are no ads that make the gaming experience distraction-free for all gamers. 


Pocket Incoming is a fun and engaging RPG game that Pokemon fans will enjoy. It offers a new twist on the Pokemon formula while still staying true to the core elements that make Pokemon games so popular. You can also play this game online with your friends with different modes. Download Pocket Incoming Apk and enjoy the Pokemon battle with Roleplaying as a Pokemon Trainer.

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