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Enjoy the online comics and use magic spells to customize your characters appearance with Poke Abby Apk

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More About Poke Abby

Name Poke Abby
Package Name com.pokeabby.touchesgame
Category Role Playing  
Version 1.0
Size 8.2 MB
Requires Android 7.0 and up
Last Updated March 27, 2023

3.3 / 5. Vote count: 72

Another interesting game under the adult category to let you enjoy a new experience. Here’s the Poke Abby Apk, where you can help the character Abby to change her appearance using magic spells. She’s been working in a potions lab and trying to grow the physique of her own body using the potions after class.

Poke Abby Apk

Develop her body as she likes, and they satisfy the urges by touching the various body parts of her body. To score more points in the game, you have to keep the girls happy and satisfied, and there are many actions that you can apply to Abby. Such as, you can poke her, stroke her, and undress her to see their inner beauty with the character’s concern.

What is Poke Abby Apk?

Poke Abby Apk is an interesting adult game with no intimate visuals. You can enjoy the game where you can play as the master and role-play with a fellow student of your potions class. The potions are magic spells that can help anybody to change their appearance and body gestures within seconds. Let Abby use multiple spells on her body and change the body structure she likes the most.

She loves big curves and slim bodies, giving her the correct spells to see the changes. You can also score more points by making her happy using the action buttons. These buttons can poke her, stroke her, and touch her body parts where she likes to be touched. Poke Abby has no other characters in the inventory you use to customize this participant avatar. The game has no advertisements and lets you enjoy the role-playing simulation.

Features of Poke Abby Apk

  • No Advertisements

You won’t believe it, but this app doesn’t promote adverts, and there will be no banners or sponsorship links on the interface.

  • Customize the Appearance

The game only has one character in the inventory, and you can edit the player’s costume, skin, and appearance using powerful magic spells and potions.

Poke Abby Apk 2

  • Use Multiple Spells and Potions

You can use multiple spells at a time and see the changes, and there will be options to undo the effects and select a different option next time. There are a dozen of free magic spells available in the lab.

Poke Abby Apk 3

  • Score More Points

The points are the only way to complete the tasks. To gain more points, you must keep the Abby character happy. Try to change her appearance and costume to make her happy.

  • Easy Control Buttons

The buttons are easy to handle, and you only have to follow a few rules to apply the potions. You’ll find the instructions for every potion when you pick up the magic spell.

Final Words

So this was all about the game Poke Abby Apk; we hope you guys love this simulation game and enjoy the various levels of this game. If you have any doubts about the game or the installation process, let us know in brief through the comments section.

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