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An action-packed Pokemon fusing game with an infinite number of exciting scenarios!

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More About Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Name Pokemon Infinite Fusion
Package Name com.pokemon.infinite.fusion
Category Adventure  
Version 5.0
Size 1.3 GB
Requires Android 4.1 and up
Last Updated September 1, 2023

What is Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion APK for Android is the perfect way to experience one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history. Developed by a dedicated team of Pokemon fans, this fan-made game allows players to explore an all-new world filled with exciting and unique possibilities.

With over 800 original Pokemon species available for fusion, you can create your own powerful teams that are capable of taking on any challenge. You’ll also be able to customize each individual member’s move set as well as their stats and abilities so they perfectly fit into your strategy!

Pokemon Infinite Fusion

The battle system has been completely overhauled too; now it features turn-based tactical combat instead of traditional random encounters which makes battles more engaging than ever before!

And if you’re feeling creative then why not try out some intense online multiplayer matches? Whatever type of player you may be – casual or competitive – there’s something here for everyone thanks to its wide range of customization options and deep strategic gameplay mechanics!

Features of Pokemon Infinite Fusion for Android

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is an Android app that allows you to create your own unique Pokemon by combining two existing ones! With this amazing tool, users can customize their favourite pocket monsters and explore the world of Pokemon in a totally new way.

pokemon infinite fusion apk

The app also features plenty of other tools for creating custom teams, battling with friends online or offline, trading cards and more. Experience the thrill of fusing different types together into one powerful creature as you battle against trainers around the globe!

  • Play as the main character and explore an expansive world filled with hundreds of different Pokemon.
  • Create your own unique Fusion Pokemon by combining two or more existing species together.
  • Participate in turn-based battles against other trainers, wild pokemon, and gym leaders to become a master trainer!
  • Collect items such as Pokeballs, potions, berries & TMs from various locations throughout the game’s region for use during battle or exploration.
  • Customize your Trainer avatar with clothing options available at each town’s store (or design it yourself!).
  • Unlock special abilities that help you progress through challenging areas faster than ever before – like flying over obstacles!
  • Compete online against friends & strangers alike using Wi-Fi connection capabilities built into this app version only.

Pros and Cons of Pokemon Infinite Fusion:

  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Free of charge with no in-app purchases or ads.
  • Hundreds of Pokemon from all generations are available for fusion.
  • Ability to customize the fused Pokémon’s stats, moves, type and more.
  • Includes a “Fusion Finder” feature that allows users to search through combinations quickly.
  • Allows players access to rare pokemon not found in other games.

pokemon infinite fusion apk

  • Poor graphics and sound quality.
  • Limited number of Pokemon are available to fuse.
  • Difficult user interface with too many menus.
  • Bugs and glitches can cause the game to crash or freeze unexpectedly.
  • No online multiplayer option.

FAQs Regarding Pokemon Infinite Fusion for android.

Welcome to the FAQs page for Pokemon Infinite Fusion APK! This game is a unique spin on classic Pokémon games, blending elements of multiple generations together into one exciting adventure.

With this guide, you can learn all about how to get started with playing and make sure your experience goes smoothly. Here we’ll cover topics such as installation instructions, tips & tricks for beginners, troubleshooting common issues and more – so let’s dive in!

pokemon infinite fusion apk

Q: What is Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

A: Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a fan-made game based on the popular Pokémon franchise that allows players to fuse two or more of their favourite Pokémon together and create an entirely new creature with unique stats, movesets, abilities, and appearances!

The game also features several other elements such as battling against AI opponents in various locations around the world; collecting items from PokéStops throughout your journey; trading with friends online via Wi-Fi connection; participating in tournaments for rewards including rare evolution stones and legendary creatures!

Players can even customize their own team by using special fusion techniques to combine multiple species into one powerful warrior. With so much content available at launch plus regular updates planned post-release, there’s something here for all fans of this beloved series.

Q: How do I install Pokemon Infinite Fusion Apk?

A: Installing the apk file onto your Android device requires you first enable installation from unknown sources within Settings > Security before downloading it directly through our website.

pokemon infinite fusion apk

Once downloaded simply open up File Manager/Explorer app on your phone then locate & select “Pokemon_Infinite_Fusion_(version number) .apk” which will begin installing automatically after the confirmation prompt appears – follow the instructions given until completed successfully without issue(s).

For iOS users please note that currently only jailbroken devices are supported due to compatibility reasons although we hope to expand support soon enough if possible down the road to eventually include non-jailbreak iPhones/iPads etc.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a unique and exciting game that allows players to experience the thrill of creating their own Pokemon. With its easy-to-use tools, anyone can create new hybrid forms of existing Pokemon or even entirely original creatures.

The graphics and sound effects make for a truly immersive gaming experience while providing hours upon hours of entertainment. Whether you’re looking for something fresh with endless possibilities or just want some classic RPG fun, then look no further than this amazing apk download – it’s sure not to disappoint!

Reviewed by: Faiz Akhtar

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