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Popcorn Times is a free web series and movie streaming platform.

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June 07,2022


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Streaming movies, series and TV shows online is a great way to watch your favourite content as you don’t have to download bulky files on your device and enjoy whatever you want to watch whenever you want. That is why online streaming platforms are becoming quite popular these days. Most people prefer consuming entertainment content via online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon PrimeVideo, Disney plus Hotstar etc. But these apps ask you to purchase a premium subscription to watch everything available, and also, these sites have many restrictions. So if you want to stream your favourite movies and series online for free, then the Popcorn Times apk is here to serve you.

Popcorn Time APk

Popcorn Times apk is an android application developed for streaming movies, series and TV shows online. This app lets you choose a .torrent file and play it for you, which means that you don’t actually have to download the files on your device. So you don’t have to worry about storage and accidentally download corrupted files on your device. Popcorn Times apk is an android version of Popcorn Times software for windows. The user interface of this app is elegant, simple and easy to understand. 

Features of Popcorn Times apk:

  1. Access the latest content on the home page: all the latest movies and series are available on the home page, so you can watch them directly from the home page, and you don’t need to search for them. 
  2. Supported on all android devices: this app is supported on every android device with android version 3.0 and above. This means you can use this app on your smartphone, tablets and even android powered smart TVs.
  3. A wide range of movies and series are available: this app has a wide range of movies, web series, and TV shows in various languages and from various countries and categories as well.
  4. Stream torrent files directly without downloading anything: this is the main feature of the Popcorn Times apk. You can watch the torrent files on your device directly without downloading anything. All you need is the Popcorn Times apk on your device, and you can enjoy watching all of your favourite content.
  5. Watch your favourite anime by changing the setting of the Popcorn app to anime instead of movies. Anime series are properly aligned in an episode and season-wise manner. The highest quality anime video format is up to 1080 pixels.
  6. Subtitles are available in many different languages. This will help non-native English speakers and learners to understand English movies.


Popcorn Times apk is a great application for streaming movies and series online for free. This app lets you stream the torrent files directly without any need to download the files. Thus, you can save storage, and your device is protected from corrupted files. Download the Popcorn Times apk now and enjoy watching your favourite movies and series!

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