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Prank Bank Apk is a fake banking app with realistic feedback.

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Name Prank Bank
Package Name com.prankbankfree
Category Lifestyle  
Version 2.0.7
Size 6.3 MB
Requires Android 6.0 and up
Last Updated November 28, 2023

If you are searching for a prank banking app to fool your friends or family by showing fake transactions and account balances, then you are in the right place. Prank Bank Apk helps users to simulate their bank account and add unlimited money and fake transfers to prank their friends. This app’s interface mimics the banking app and makes every feature look real.

What is Prank Bank Apk?

Prank Bank Apk is a fake banking app which looks realistic due to its professional user interface. In this app, you can transfer money, show transaction history, simulate income, or change your currency. The feedback of transfer is instant. You can change the transfer feedback to successful transfer or failed transfer from settings.

Prank Bank Apk

Transferring money from your account to others will show a lock screen, just like a real banking app. You can add the current of your country too. There are 50+ currencies available in this app. You can also put a credit alert notification showing the money you need to send. In Prank Bank Apk, you can add the name of the sender and receiver to show in the transaction history. 

Key Features of Prank Bank App:

Prank Bank Apk is a fake banking app developed by Crownie. Currently, this app is unavailable in the google play store due to its illegal usage. But you can use this app to prank your friends by adding millions or transferring huge amounts to anyone. Read more about the features of Prank Bank Apk below:

Prank Bank Apk

  • Choose Your Currency: This app supports currency from all countries. You can choose your country’s currency from settings and show your friends the huge amount and bank transfers. You can add up to 100 million to your prank bank account.
  • Transfer Money: Send money to anyone with its prank transfer, and it will show realistic feedback. You can also track the transaction list. You can add both real accounts as well as fake ones to transfer money.
  • Simulate Income: To show your fake income or salary, you can schedule the payments, which will notify you at the scheduled time. You can simulate your income and add any numbers to your account.
  • Lock Screen: Like real banking apps, Prank Bank Apk also shows a lock screen and pin lock to make the money transfer process realistic. You can change the pin lock from the settings. If the pin of the lockscreen is wrong, it will not open the app or transfer the amount. 
  • View Transaction List: You can track and show all old transactions from the transaction history section. You can transfer money to others or schedule payment to your account to show others.
  • Realistic Feedback: When you send money to anyone, real banking apps show instant feedback that a certain amount is transferred to a person. The same interface is available in this app to prank your friends.
  • Receive Credit Alert: You can set a credit alert in advance, which will pop up when you open the app to show your loans and credits.


Prank Bank Apk is a fictional bank with a realistic interface. You can simulate your bank account and put any unrealistic number to prank your friends, family, coworker and colleagues. The transaction and feedback look real. With this app, you can transfer money to anyone, and it will not be transferred in reality, but a professional interface will make it look realistic. Download Prank Bank Apk and prank your friends by simulating your bank account.

Reviewed by: Bemuntar

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I’m like this I’m to get this app

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November 30, 2023

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