PUBG Mobile KR is an action-adventure player online battleground game specially made to play on a Korean server.

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Can you imagine being thrown in a place with 99 enemies bare-handed? Sounds terrifying? PUBG is a game based on the same theme. You land at a place with 99 other players. All the players start with bare hands. And everyone’s ultimate goal is to survive. Kill or get killed is the main motto of this game. 

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is an extremely popular open-world shooting game. The Korean version of this game is called PUBG mobile KR. This version of PUBG is specially developed for players in South Korea. When it comes to gameplay and graphics, PUBG KR is quite similar to PUBG’s global version. All you need to do is find the weapons, stay in the safe zone, kill as many players as you can, and the last one standing wins the game.

The Gameplay:

Pubg KR Apk

There are multiple maps like Erangale, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi etc., to choose from. You can also play solo, in a pair or in a squad of 4 players. The game starts in an aircraft with 100 players, including you, flying over the chosen map. The players are supposed to jump at their desired locations.

Everyone lands empty-handed. Players are supposed to collect weapons, ammo, first aid, armours etc., by travelling through the map and killing other players to loot their resources. The ultimate goal is to remain in a safe zone, kill as many players as you can and survive. The last person, pair or squad standing wins the battle. You can also communicate with other players through chats and audio as well. 

Game modes:

You can choose from solo, duo or squad modes. There are even other modes like the classic 100-player battle or quick 4 vs 4 clashes of squads, deathmatch and zombie mode. In clash Squad mode, you are supposed to fight an opponent team in a battle.

This battle is held in multiple rounds, and the best team wins. Each mode has its advantages and disadvantages. You can play different modes and choose which one works the best. You can play as a lone wolf or play in a team where you help each other win. There’s even a casual play zone where you can have fun with other players and enjoy the open-world theme of this game.


PUBG Mobile has an unmatched quality of graphics. Starting from the landscapes, characters, weapons, and outfits to the visual effects, everything in this game is realistic. The landscapes are inspired by the real world. The weapons are actually animated versions of the real weapons and have the same sound as the real ones. This game never misses making you feel like it is real. 

The Korean version:

PUBG KR is a South Korean server of Pubg game. It is believed to receive new updates before the global version. BLACKPINK’s first in-game concert is held in PUBG KR! Overall There are more features and functionalities present in the PUBG Kr apk that is not available on the global version.


If you like playing PUBG mobile, then you must try the PUBG mobile KR version as well. The only problem that you will face while playing PUBG Mobile KR apk is that initially, the language setting will be Korean. Once you change the language back to English, you can easily play PUBG on the Korean server.

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